Feb 062014

The video linked below shows two men dancing. One of the men has developed the Yin part of his body relatively strongly, while the Yin part of the body of the other man is less developed. The stronger Yin development of the Asian man makes his body appear to move as a large connected piece. The weaker Yin development of the white men affects his movements by making them wilder and less restricted.

Any interested individual can watch the video of the two men dancing and compare exactly how the Asian man moves to how the Caucausian man moves to teach themselves how a human body that moves as one connected piece moves, and how a human body that is not connected into one large piece moves. The observant individual will also notice that the two men have different body types. The differences in the appearance of their bodies is also a result of the amount of Yin development each body has.

The video segment in question begins at 20:04 of the following video which is located at Youtube.


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