Notice From Michael (Mike) Guen To Students About Revised Private Lesson Times.

To: Clients and Students

From: Michael Guen

Re: Revised clinic session format

    During the month of April 1995 I will begin shortening some of my regular sessions from 60 to 45 minutes. My general aim is to gradually my client load which at this time has reached it’s physical maximum. In addition, I plan to gradually phase in another type of session for those receiving specialized training in martial/yogic healing practices. These will consist of 20 minute slots which will allow me to provide efficient personalized attention to each individual and to interact with a greater number of people a day. Here are some other considerations going into the decision.

    The first is that some of you know I have increased my involvement in the blood-pendulum lab work which is quite demanding of time and energy. It is very important that I keep this service distinctly separate from the work done in the clinic. For example, sale of patent formulations and remedies used in the lab work need to be taxed, whereas the raw herbs I dispense in the clinic are considered foods and are thus tax free.

    A second consideration is that my work with many clients and students has evolved to the point where it would now be beneficial to condense the energy of our interaction as a matter of discipline. All due consideration, however, will be given to individual client needs. It would do us all well during this transition phase to remain as communicating and flexible as possible.

    Lastly, as some of you know many of us are actively involved in bringing out a Life Practice Teaching to the public. It is necessary that I now begin to set aside time and energy within my professional life outside of the clinic to fulfill the demands of planning, directing and writing.

    I believe that intelligent scheduling is the key here. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have in this respect that may further our collective process along. Thank you.