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Jan 182014
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Goku And “The Atom View Of The Human Body”

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Jan 142014

Dragonball Z is a cartoon that was created in Japan sometime in the 1990’s. The cartoon was about a young boy who knew kung fu and his adventures in life. According to Happeh Theory, the creators of the cartoon Dragonball Z put real life Kung Fu information into the cartoon.

That claim should be nothing startling. Any human being who creates anything will add their life experiences into the creation. It would be natural for the Asian people who created Dragonball Z to insert their own knowledge of Kung Fu into the cartoon. According to Happeh Theory, the Kung Fu knowledge presented in Dragonball Z ranges from training practices to the bodily changes that Kung Fu well enact on a practitioner. Please keep that final statement in mind as you read the rest of this blog entry.

The following picture shows what Goku looks like.


Goku is known for his distinctive haircut. Part of the hair raises up in the air and arches over to his right,


While the hair on the left side of his head points to his rear left.


Happeh Theory is concerned with the construction and behavior of the human body at a deep or low level. Happeh Theory employs theoretical models that replace the complex human body with some less complex object in order to explain the nature of the construction and behavior of the human body.

One of those theoretical models is called The Atom View Of The Human Body. The Atom View Of the Human Body is based on the common depiction of an atom like the one in the following picture.


The atom consists of a black center section which is called “the nucleus” of the atom,


and two circles centered on the nucleus and aligned on opposing diagonals around the nucleus that represent electrons.


According to The Atom View Of The Human Body, the human body can behave like the atom shown in the picture above. The next picture shows The Atom View Of The Human Body.


The nucleus of the atom is centered on the stomach area,


while the electron paths follow an orbit that goes around a shoulder an the opposite hip.


According to Happeh Theory, the design of Goku was partially influenced by knowledge of The Atom View Of The Human Body.

Here is a comparison picture of Goku and The Atom View Of The Human Body.


Can you see how the design of Goku was influenced by The Atom View Of The Human Body?

The part of Goku’s hair that goes up in the air can be treated as the upper part of one of the electron orbits in The Atom View of The Human Body.


The other electron orbit fits into the empty area on the left side of his head.


Which means that Goku’s head equates to the nucleus of the atom.


There will be some readers who are likely wondering, “Why is the blue electron orbit surrounding a blank area above Goku’s head? I can understand the red electron orbit because it goes around the hair. But there is no hair on the other side of the head so why am I supposed to accept the blue electron orbit goes there?”.

That is a very good question. Any reader who asks themselves that question should pat themselves on the back for being a perceptive person. You may not like the answer though. 😉

The practice of Kung Fu will change the body in certain ways. Those changes can and do affect the growth patterns of the hair on the head.

The reason the hair on the left side of Goku’s head does not stick up in the air is because Kung Fu has changed some of the patterns in his body so that they pull his hair down to his head. The only people who can be aware of that fact are people who have practiced Kung Fu and have felt these changes in their own bodies.

That fact supports the claim of this series of blog entries, that the people who created Dragonball Z inserted real life Kung Fu information into Dragonball Z. Only a person who had practiced Kung Fu and felt the change in the growth pattern of their own hair would be able to transfer that personal experience into the design of the cartoon character named Goku.

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Jan 142014


The video clip linked below is from a Japanese Anime. The scene portrays one character Possessing the body of another character. Do not allow the special affects or the knowledge that this video is intended for children distract you from the fact the video was created by an adult whose intent was to teach children about real life.


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The Feet Of Dragonball Z Fighters

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Jan 142014

In the cartoon, the characters start out at a certain level in the practice of the martial arts. As they progress they show various changes such as bigger muscles etc. The Dragonball series is chronologically before the Dragonball Z series. The Dragonball Z people are therefore more powerful and advanced in their practice of martial arts.

The feet on the more advanced fighters in the Dragonball Z series have a distinctive shape. They look like this.


This is no accident. It is also not an artistic choice. The reason the feet are drawn like this is because a person who practices internal martial arts for a long enough time will develop feet that resemble those shown in the picture.

Most people greet this claim with skepticism. People are lied to so much these days it is hard to get them to listen to anything. The skepticism can easily be dismissed if a person were only to look at the world around them and think and observe.

Are you familiar with woman’s shoes? Here is a picture of a pair of woman’s shoes.


See how the shoes come to a point? Almost like the point on the cartoon character’s shoes. Did you ever wonder why women’s shoes have pointed toes? Those type of shoes are very common. That is not some one of a kind odd pair of shoes. Why do women’s shoes have pointed toes?

Women’s shoes have pointed toes because woman are defined in martial arts and asian philosophy terms as being naturally “internal stylists”. That is the definition of woman. Internal power is frequently called woman’s power in kung fu literature.

I said the cartoon character’s feet get that way if he practices for along time in internal martial arts. Men are defined as being naturally external martial arts. For them to develop internally takes a lot of time and work. That is why those type of feet are associated with advanced martial artists and not beginning martial artists.

The reason the woman’s shoes are pointed in such an exxagerated way is for cultural reasons of beauty. A woman who was at the highest pinnacle of womanhood would show very strong and obvious qualites of internal strength. One of these qualities would be the pointed feet. A woman wearing these types of pointed shoes, even if she was not developed well internally, would appear that she was developed. People would see her in the pointed shoes and assume that her feet must also be pointed and fit in the shoes.

Let’s try another area of human culture to look for more evidence that the cartoon character feet in DragonBall Z are a sign of high internal kung fu development.

There is a certain kind of shoe that is sold in China for kung fu and other activities. Here is a picture of this type of shoe.


If you look at these shoes, they do not have a point. So what are they doing here? They prove I am wrong don’t they? No, they do not prove I am wrong.

Remember we said that both the cartoon and the woman’s shoes are exxagerated, not real life. The cartoon is exxagerated to make a point to children while the woman’s shoes are pointed to emphasize cultural ideas of beauty.

In reality a person with strong internal strenght does not have a point on their foot. The foot looks sort of like it is pointed. Look at the shoes. See how instead of a rectangle with a big bulge for the big toe, the shoes appear to point inward from both the big and little toes.

If you took a pencil and extended the lines of the shoe, they look like this.


Oh look! If the sides of the shoe are extended forward, they make a point, just like the woman’s show and the cartoon character shoe!

Do we have any other places we can look for corroborating evidence? Sure. Everyone on the planet is human. All of their bodies are built the same so they all possess the same qualities.

In Europe there is a country called Holland. I think Holland is the same as Dutch. The people in Holland have this tradition of making shoes out of wood. Sounds uncomfortable doesn’t it?

I think we can all agree that making shoes out of wood would be hard work. The carving and fitting and so forth. I would think that they would make comfortable shoes that could be used a long time so they did not have to make new shoes.

Here is a picture of the Dutch shoes in question.


Fancy that! The shoes have points right in the middle of the foot. That makes women’s shoes, cartoon character shoes and kung fu shoes that all have a real point or an almost point in the case of the kung fu shoes.

A person might say, those shoes are just for show or they are built that way because it is easier than building a rectangular shoe. People can come up with a million reasons why the toes are the way they are. But. If you compare these shoes with shoes from an entirely different culture, and they all share the same phenomenon of pointed toes, don’t you think there is a connection there? Can it really be just coincidence that American, Chinese and Dutch shoes all have a point in the middle of the foot instead of at the big toe?

You still skeptical? Ok. Let’s look at another piece of evidence. Here is another shoe picure. Hmmmmmm. Can’t find the picture I want. We will have to make do.


These are not the shoes I had in mind. The picture angle is bad. These are shoes for an Arabic belly dancer. Again we see that the tips of the shoes come to a point in the middle of the foot. These shoes also show the tip of the shoe curled up and back. Ignore that for now. It is another idea that will only confuse you. Focus only on the fact that the shoes are pointed at the tips.

Here is another picture of Arabic shoes. These are for men.


Here again we see a pointed toe. This shoe also has the same curve up and back as the woman’s shoe. Ignore that, it will confuse you. Focus on the fact the shoe is pointed at the tip.

In the beginning of this column, I claimed that the shoes worn by the characters in the cartoon DragonBall Z are drawn that way to indicate a martial artist who has attained high skill in the internal martial arts.

I then showed how various human cultures, American, Dutch, Chinese and Arabic, all make real shoes for real people that have a point in the center of the front of the shoe, just like the shoes of the DragonBall Z characters.

This is not proof. No famous person signed this as approved. No book or encyclopedia guarantees that what is said here is fact. This is where you, as a human being with your own brain and your innate ability to think things thru is supposed to learn things on it’s own.

You can allow your life to be bogged down by only believing in things that “experts” tell you.


You can be your own man/woman. You can think for yourself. You can learn for yourself. You can depend on your brain and trust your own thought processes to learn things that other people do not know.

These things that you can learn will lead you to a life of power and attainment if that is what you desire. Or you can live your life simply; satisfied that you understand some of the basic nature of what it means to be human.

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