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Tai Chi can help people who want to look like they have big genitals. The practice of Tai Chi will make it look like your genitals are large to a person looking at you. Your genitals will probably not get any larger. It is an optical illusion.

But the optical illusion will still get you attention if that is what you desire.

This video was banned by Youtube for some reason. The link leads to a local copy of the video for download.

A webpage duplicate of the video is also provided for those who prefer to read and for more leisurely study.


( This video contained many animation sequences that are not included in this webpage duplicate. The interested individual will spend their time more efficiently watching the entire short video than the many individual animation sequences. )

This is an example human skeleton.


In the pelvic area you can see a purple colored section.


This spot is known as the pubic bone. The sexual organs are located under these bones.

The yellow colored bone is called the sacrum. More commonly known as the tailbone.


In practice of some types of kung fu, the tailbone is tucked foward. This causes the pubic bones to move forward simultaneously. It is plain to see that the pubic bons are now more prominent, more obvious than before. If we watch as the tailbone returns to it’s normal position, the pubic bones again looks smaller and harder to see.

This box will represent the sexual organs.


Look at the box for a minute to gauge how big it appears. The tailbone is tucked under as is done in kung fu practice. The pubic bone moves forward the same as before. The box representing the sex organs also moves forward.


Doesn’t the box look much more obvious than before? Isn’t your eye drawn to the box more than it is in the normal position of the tailbone?

If a person practices tailbone tucking, they will become more sexually attractive.


Other people will notice the protruding forward bulge of the pubic bone,


and think that the sexual organs must be large.

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