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Phrenology Introduction

Phrenology is a science that was developed around 1800 by a man named Franz Joseph Gall.

Phrenology claims the personality of a human being is related to the size and shape of their skull, including the location, size, and shape of any bumps or depressions in the skull.

Phrenology and Common Sense

The picture above shows three different sized milk bottles. The bottle on the far left holds one quart of milk. The middle bottle hold one pint of milk. The bottle on right holds one half of one pint. Each of the milk bottles above is obviously a different size. We all know from common experience, […]

Your Life Experience Proves Phrenology Is True

Modern scientists claim that Phrenology is quackery, or a fraudulent or baseless science.

The author of this blog believes that people whose actions fit the dictionary definition of the term “evil” purposefully attacked and discredited the Science Of Phrenology in order to deny the public at large the health, psychological, and sociological benefits that knowledge of the Science Of Phrenology will bring to any human society.