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One of the most frequent responses from those who encounter the various claims of Happeh Theory is, “Scientists don’t agree with you, so you must be wrong”. That sentiment is based on what this author feels is an unjustified faith in scientists and their pronouncements.

As this section will demonstrate, scientists are wrong. Constantly. All of the time. They make incorrect claims that often result in loss of life, injury, and financial loss. They make claims that hold back the progress of accurate knowledge in just about any area imaginable. They make false and incorrect claims for financial gain, for status, and to please political masters.

This section is devoted to presenting examples of the stupidity of scientists, the greed of scientists, and the deceit of scientists.

It is hoped that these example will convince the gullible and the naive that they should think for themselves instead of blindly accepting the declarations of a group of people who quite plainly cannot be trusted.

And it is a guaranteed certainty that anyone who chooses to discard their blind faith in scientists and think for themselves as they peruse the claims of Happeh Theory, will reach the inescapable conclusion that the claims of Happeh Theory do have validity, and that scientists really are stupid.

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