Apr 192011

The news story that is the subject of this blog entry reports on doctors who are unnecessarily implanting heart stents in patients for financial gain instead of medical need. The purpose of this blog entry and others in this series is to provide proof ┬áscientists and medical personnel do not always act in the best […]

Dec 042010

Scientists gave warned that botox injections – used by millions every year to banish wrinkles and plump-up lips – may cause muscles to waste away into fat. Researchers from the University of Calgary have found that the cosmetic treatment could cause harmful side effects – even areas of the body which have not been injected. […]

Aug 052010

The news story this blog entry is based on found that painkillers like Ibuprofen do not help with dementia. This story belongs in the Scientists R Stoopid section because it is an obvious example of scientists giving advice whose purpose is to make money. Their advice made millions for the companies producing Ibuprofen, but did […]