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Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 04

This picture shows an extreme case of Anorexia Dent caused bodily distortion. ¬†The right side of the woman’s torso displays a severe case of Anorexia Dent. The first reaction of many individual’s to the claim that the distortion of the woman’s body is influenced by Anorexia Dent is disagreement. These individuals feel that the woman […]

Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 03

This example of Anorexia Dent is especially useful because the close up nature of the picture allows more of the details of the torso to be seen. The Anorexia Dent is obviously on the ¬†right side body. The close up picture clearly shows the curve of the left side of the torso is more shallow […]

Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 02

The example picture above shows an example of a severe case of “Anorexia Dent”. The right side of the woman’s torso is extremely dented. The forces within her body that have pulled the right side of her torso to cause an Anorexia Dent, also pull her right leg up towards the same area. The pulling […]

Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 01

The example picture above demonstrates how “Anorexia Dent” can affect any woman of any ethnic background. The picture shows a white woman, an Asian woman, and an Arabic or Hispanic looking woman, who all have “Anorexia Dent”. While the other side of the torso of all three women is curved, examination will reveal that the […]