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Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 09 – HUGE!!!!

“Anorexia” is a health condition characterized by extreme weight loss. “Anorexia Dent” is the name given by Happeh Theory to a characteristic depression found in the side of the torso of individual’s who have Anorexia. According to Happeh Theory, Anorexic weight loss does not occur evenly over the entire body. According To Happeh Theory, the […]

Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 07

This example of Anorexia Dent is good, because the large hips of the woman make the Anorexia Dent easier to see. The example is not so good because the purposeful walk and posing of the woman is hiding some of the other changes her body would exhibit if she was standing naturally and relaxed. The […]

Analyzed Anorexia Dent Example 05

This example picture of Anorexia Dent demonstrates a common way that an individual with Anorexia Dent will pose themselves. The right side of the woman’s torso displays a case of Anorexia Dent that is hard to judge the severity of, because of the way the woman’s body is posed. If the woman was standing normally, […]