Category: All Inventions Are Based On The Human Body

A House

A regular everyday house that people live in is based on the human body. A rectangular kind of house with a peaked roof like this one. There are two main parts to the house. The rectangular walls of the house, and the pyramidal shape of the roof. The human body can similarly be separated into […]


The invention of liquid thermometers was inspired by the human body. The picture below shows an example liquid thermometer. There is a reservoir of liquid at the bottom of the thermometer. That liquid will raise and lower to different heights within the tube above the reservoir,   depending on the temperature. The most obvious inspiration […]


Here is a picture of a kite. The kite consists of two pieces of wood formed into a cross shape. There is a tail hanging down from the vertical piece of wood. The part of the human body that is the inspiration for the invention of the kite is easy to discover after examination of […]