Jun 262009
The Daily Insight - 6-26-09 - Refrigerator On Man's Back Only Possible Because Of Strong Yin Development

The example picture shows a man carrying a small refrigerator on his back.┬áThe man presents an unremarkable appearance. He looks like an everyday kind of man anywhere around the world. And yet he is jauntily walking down the road smoking a cigarette with a large metal refrigerator on his back. How is it possible that […]

Jun 242009
The Daily Insight - 6-24-09 - Comparison Of Relatively Strong Yin And Relatively Weak Yin

The picture above shows Korean children performing a dance. Please take a few minutes to observe the photo. Form initial impressions about the picture as a whole, various children in a group, or individual children. Categorize any thoughts or impressions you have about the photo. The children in this picture display varying degrees of Yin […]