Jul 262009
The Daily Insight - 7-26-09 - Muslim Boy's Large Forehead And Phrenology

Sometime during the 1800’s a new science called “Phrenology” was invented. Phrenologists claimed the overall shape of the human head and the presence of various landmarks on it affected or influenced the personality of a human being. The claims of the Phrenologists were eventually “discredited”, and Phrenology was dismissed as worthless by the established medical […]

Jul 232009
The Daily Insight - 7-23-09 - Posture Of Orthodox Jew Demonstrates Awareness Of The Yin Part Of The Body

Yin Yang Theory is a theory that was developed in Asia centuries ago. According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yang is defined as “relatively hard”, while Yin is defined as “relatively soft”. Since the human body is an object in the universe, it […]

Jul 232009
The Daily Insight - 7-23-09 - The Body Of A Man Pulling An Overloaded Cart Is Strongly Developed According To Yin Yang Principles

The example picture shows a man pulling a cart overloaded with recyclable material. How is it the man is able to pull that cart? He seems to be an average looking man. He does not look like he is a weightlifter or display any of the other usual signs of strength. It does not seem […]

Jun 282009
The Daily Insight - 6-28-09 - Comparison of The Yin Qualities of A Group Of Korean Children

The picture below shows a group of Korean children Some of the children display strong Yin development and some of the children display weak Yin development. Determining which is which in many cases can be decided by common sense. Any child that displays obvious physical differences from the norm, or any child who seems to […]