Aug 082011

Cause of male baldness discovered, experts say



Experts say they have discovered what they believe is the cause of male pattern baldness.

It is not simply a lack of hair, but rather a problem with the new hair that is made.

A manufacturing defect means the hair produced is so small it appears invisible to the naked eye, giving the classic bald spot or receding hairline.

The US team told the Journal of Clinical Investigation the fault lies with the stem cells that make new hair.

It may be possible to ‘cure’ male baldness by restoring the normal function of these cells, the experts hope.

Ultimately, they hope to be able to develop a cream that could be applied to the scalp to help the stem cells grow normal hair.

Using men undergoing hair transplants as guinea pigs, the University of Pennsylvania team compared hair follicles in bald patches and hairy areas of the scalp.

Although bald areas had the same number of hair-making stem cells as normal scalp, there were fewer of a more mature type, called the progenitor cell.

This difference means that hair follicles in bald patches shrink rather than disappear and the new hairs made are microscopic compared to normal hair.

Dr George Cotsarelis who led the research said: “This implies that there is a problem in the activation of stem cells converting progenitor cells in bald scalp.

“The fact that there are normal numbers of stem cells in bald scalp gives us hope for reactivating those stem cells.”

Until now it has been unclear what the exact cause of male pattern baldness is, but experts believe the male hormone testosterone is involved and baldness also tends to run in families.

Aug 062011

The title of this blog entry is one of the most frequent responses of people who come across Happeh Theory material. Happeh Theory material relies heavily on the use of example pictures with arrows and lines added to highlight areas of interest in each pictures. For some reason a practice that is used by almost every serious educational discipline from grade school through college, seems to be confusing to an astonishingly large number of people. 

Because so many people respond to Happeh Theory material by saying “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything”, it was thought this real life example of one of these situations might be helpful.

What is hilarious about his particular example is that the man saying “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything” claimed to be an Engineer. Most of engineering involves working with pictures with lines drawn on them. How could he say “Lines On A Picture don’t prove anything”, when his own educational specialty involves pictures with lines on them?

The man, whose internet nickname was “MRM”, began by saying:

No Happeh, I award you no points. You have proven nothing. Drawing lines on pictures and making statements you can’t back up about people’s hairstyles and the shapes of their heads is not proof that the human body contains some form of mystical “energy.” Hairstylists are not experts in Yin-Yang. People get their hair cut in particular styles based on what looks good on them or what is popular at the time. You are making associations where none exist. This is not proof. “

Happeh responded by saying:

MRM’s statements are foolish and easily proven so. The picture below is an X ray of a human skull.

There are some lines drawn on the X ray and a caption by the upper line. Those lines and that captioning were drawn on that X-Ray by a trained medical professional. Yet MRM, who claims to be an engineer with a college degree, is arguing that lines such as those on the X-Ray are meaningless scribbling.

The next picture shows an X ray of a human hand.

The hand X ray has seven arrows on it that appear to be highlighting various bone joints in the hand. Each arrow has a numeric label. According to the statements made by MRM though, the arrows and numbers on the X-Ray are not imparting any information of value.

The next picture shows a mammogram of a breast. There are two lines with labels highlighting the main mass of the breast and the nipple. 

X rays are used every day all over the world to detect various health ailments. Trained Health professionals will put marks on those X rays, guided by what they have learned during their professional training.

But according to MRM, who claims to have graduated college with an Engineering degree,  “lines on a picture don’t prove anything!”.

The next picture demonstrates why it is so hard to believe what MRM is saying, unless he is not telling the truth about being an engineer with a college degree. It is impossible to graduate with an engineering degree without taking mathematics and physics classes. Both of those disciplines make frequent use of diagrams like the one shown below. 

That diagram is an illustration for a problem involving determining the forces acting on that system. An engineering student has to solve problems using those kinds of diagrams in order to pass basic engineering classes. Those problems require mathematics to solve, so mathematics classes also use similar diagrams to train the students in math.

If MRM really did graduate college with an engineering degree, how did he do it without solving problems that require diagrams with lines drawn on them, if MRM really truly believes that “Lines On Pictures don’t prove anything”?

It seems that MRM’s opinion must be based on one of three possibilities:

(1) – MRM really is an engineer with a college degree, but his antipathy towards Happeh Theory is making him respond emotionally instead of intellectually.

In his zeal to dismiss Happeh Theory, he has forgotten that his own engineering training involved the use of images with lines on them, just like Happeh Theory does.

(2) – MRM is lying about being an engineer with a college degree.

That would explain why he never thought about how easy it would be to provide examples like X-Rays and Engineering drawings to prove he was wrong.

(3) – MRM is a hater that is fully aware that lines on images have been used throughout human history to communicate valuable information.

The only reason MRM is insisting Happeh Theory is false and “Lines On Pictures do not mean anything”, is that he is so full of hate towards the creator of Happeh Theory, that he is consciously making completely false statements in order to deride and dismiss the claims of Happeh Theory.

Aug 062011

The following picture shows what is called a “diadem” on the head of a human being.

A line is drawn under the diadem to emphasize it’s angle across the head.

The next picture shows a human being wearing what is called a “kippa” or “skullcap”.


A line is drawn under the bottom of the skullcap to emphasize it’s angle across the head.

The following picture shows a skull of unknown origin. Some people believe it could be an alien skull. Whether it is or not is not does not matter for the purposes of this blog entry.

A line is drawn from approximately the back of the eye sockets to approximately the back of the jaw to separate the face part of the skull from the rest of the skull.

In the pictures of the diadem and the skullcap, the amount of skull separated from the face by the diadem or the skullcap is relatively small.

The section of head separated from the face of the alien skull is gigantic!

The next picture is provided so the similarity between the angle of the line separating the head of the alien from it’s face, the angle of the diadem cutting across the gold example head, and the angle of the kippa cutting across the real life head can be easily seen.


If someone cut off the skull above the diadem on the gold example head,

or cutoff the skull above the lower boundary of the kippa,

and extended them outwards from the back of the skull at the same angle they have to the skull when they are attached,

they would look similar to the alien skull.

Is that similarity just a coincidence or does it mean that the skulls are related in some way? As in maybe the length of the alien skull shrunk closer to it’s face down until it became a human looking skull? Sound hard to believe?


First the center of the Alien skull is removed.

Then the top of the skull is moved down,

and joined to the face part of the alien skull.

Looks like a human skull doesn’t it?

Aug 052011

According to Happeh Theory, human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy”. That energy is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an effect on other living things.

This blog entry will discuss some of the energy interactions found in the example picture below.

The photo is focused on the man wearing the blue shirt.

The energy of a human being is frequently but not always related to the condition of their physical body. The man in the blue shirt has large shoulders and a large chest,

which would indicate he has strong energy.

If the man in the blue shirt does have strong energy, then that energy will travel away from him and affect the people around him.  His energy will tend to make the people around him mimic his physical actions.

The man in the blue shirt is doing two obvious things. One of them is that he has opened his mouth wide open as if he is yawning. If human beings really do have energy, and that energy can really travel across a distance and affect other living creatures, then some or all of the other people in the picture should look like they are opening their mouths in a way that resembles a yawn.

Inspection of the picture reveals that there are two men who have their mouths open.

Both of those men also happen to be right next to the man in the blue shirt. That fact is relevant because the strength of the energy of a human body is related to distance. The energy will be stronger and have more of an effect on objects closer to it, while the energy will be weaker and have less of an effect on objects further away from it.

The man in the blue shirt is also doing something else that is not visible to the naked eye. The right arm of the man’s energy body is reaching up to his head as shown in the next picture.

The arm of the energy body cannot be seen because as it was stated earlier, the energy of the human body is invisible. The only way to know what the energy body is doing is to look for it’s effects on the physical body.

If the man’s right energy arm really is raised upwards as shown in the picture, then there should be some evidence of it’s influence on the other people in the picture.

Inspection of the picture reveals that the man directly behind the man in the blue shirt his arm raised up to his head in almost the exact same way as the drawn in arm on the man in the blue shirt.

In fact, if you examine the entire picture, there are five other people who have their right hand raised up to their head or raised upwards by some amount.

Learning to see the energy interactions between human beings is relatively easy. Look for odd coincidences in any pictures you come across, because there are no coincidences. If you see a picture with seven people rasing their right arm up for no apparent reason, that is not a coincidence. There is some kind of energy interaction going on between those seven human beings because it is statistically impossible for all seven of them to just happen to be holding their body in a similar way.

Jul 162011

Human beings have energy. Although the energy of human beings is invisible, it can be “seen” by noting it’s effects on the environment around it.

This series of pictures show human energy in interaction with it’s environment. The reader who is curious about human energy should be able to train themselves to see energy using this series of pictures.

Here is the example picture for this blog entry.

The woman’s head is slightly tilted to her right,

while her body leans to her left.

The leaning of her body to the left forces her to lock her left arm and use it as a brace to prevent her body from falling over to the left.

The human body is designed to behave as if it’s energy is centered along the middle of the body.

The line in the next picture shows where the woman’s energy should be located according to the previous picture.

The leaning of the woman’s head to her right, the leaning of her body to her left, and the locking of her left arm to brace her body from falling to the left, all indicate the woman’s energy is centered along the line in the next picture.

Any movement of the energy of the human body away from it’s proper location centered on the body will change the way the entire body moves, it will change the emotions, mentality and personality of the individual, and will almost always be accompanied by some type of health problem. The type and severity of the health problems is dependent on the details of how the energy of the body has changed. 

As an example, the side of the body the woman is leaning towards, the left side of her body, has a smaller looking eye than the right side of her body,

and the left side of her mouth is more open than the right side of her mouth.

Both of those body changes have been caused by the shifting of her energy body from it’s proper location centered on her body.