New Study Says Taking Ibuprofen Increases Chances For Hospital Admission For Heart Problems

One of the main reasons people give for disbelieving the claims of Happeh Theory, chief among them that masturbation will make a human being blind and crippled, is that scientists claim masturbation is harmless. For that reason this website highlights the fact that scientists are constantly being proven to be wrong about pronouncements they make, and scientific advice is constantly being shown to be harmful and even cause death among people who follow that advice. The hope is that when readers are confronted with all of the situations where scientists are proven wrong or their advice is proven harmful, they will discard their blind trust in scientists and become more open to the claims of Happeh Theory.

The study that this post is based on has found that people who take Ibuprofen, a common pain reliever that is recommended by doctors as a panacea for any and all health complaints in the author’s experience, will increase the chances for those people to be admitted to a hospital for heart failure.

If doctors and scientists can be so stoopid and so callous that they routinely recommend people take a drug that has a 20 percent chance of landing them in the hospital with heart failure, why would any thinking person unquestioningly trust those doctors and scientists when they say something equally stoopid and callous like “masturbation is harmless and is actually beneficial”?

The news story about the study is reprinted below.

Taking common painkillers like ibuprofen raises the risk of being admitted to hospital for heart failure for a fortnight, the biggest ever study has shown.


Researchers at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy found some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) double the risk of heart problems.

And even common drugs, like ibuprofen increase the chance of being admitted to hospital by 18 per cent for 14 days after swallowing.

The authors say that it is now so easy to buy drugs in supermarkets that many people think medication is harmless but it could be dangerous for people with underlying heart conditions.

“This study offers further evidence that the most frequently used individual traditional painkillers are associated with an increased risk of hospital admission for heart failure. Moreover, the risk seems to vary between drugs and according to the dose,” said lead author Dr Giovanni Corrao.

The findings are based on almost 10 million painkiller users from Britain, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany.

The researchers found that the magnitude of risk varied between individual drugs and increased substantially at high doses.

Heart failure is caused by a wide range of conditions, including high blood pressure, heart attacks, alcohol, and obesity.

British experts said it was unlikely that painkillers could cause problems in people with healthy hearts, but they may unmask heart failure due to these other causes.

Helen Williams, consultant pharmacist for cardiovascular disease at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said:  “The study reinforces the need to carefully weigh up the risks and benefits of using NSAIDs. Measures to help reduce risk include using medicines with a lower risk of cardiovascular problems, minimising the prescribed dose to the lowest dose that is effective and where possible, limiting the length of time the patient takes the medicine.

“People regularly purchasing NSAIDs over the counter, such as ibuprofen, should seek advice from their pharmacist or doctor. “

Prof Peter Weissberg, medical director at the British Heart Foundation, added: “Since heart and joint problems often coexist, particularly in the elderly, this study serves as a reminder to doctors to consider carefully how they prescribe NSAIDs, and to patients that they should only take the lowest effective dose for the shortest possible time.

“They should discuss their treatment with their GP if they have any concerns.”

The research was published in the BMJ.


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