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Many photographers have the ability or awareness to see the energy in a human body. Some of the photographers with this ability or awareness will purposefully pose their subjects in such a way as to highlight the energy flows or the overall effect of energy flows on a particular human body. The photo that is the subject of this post in the Energy Analysis section is one such photo. Please take a moment to examine the photograph that is the subject of this post.


Why would the photographer ask the model to pose leaning over to her right side in the way shown in the photograph? One possibility is that the photographer wanted the model’s body to focus on the purse she is holding.


The first piece of evidence to support that claim is that the purse is located right next to the model’s crotch, which will be one of the main points of focus for many people looking at an attractive woman.


The woman’s right arm points at the purse. Anyone whose eye follows the line of the right arm will find themselves eventually looking right at the purse.


It can be further argued that the photographer is focusing the viewer’s eye on the purse by directing the model to lean her upper body far over to the right,


and by having her place her right foot on top of a weight,


which causes her right leg to raise upwards,


and bend.


Posing the right leg in that manner makes the right leg look shorter than the left leg.


The overall effect of all of those bodily changes the photographer has asked the model to make is to divide her body approximately along the line shown in this picture.


The model’s body to the right of the line in the picture above gives the impression that it is focused on some point far off to the right that is outside of the frame of the photograph.


The viewer’s mind will tend to deal with the impression that the model’s body to the right of the vertical line is focused far off to the right by completely ignoring it. The next photograph has had everything to the right of the dividing line removed from it, to visually represent the viewer’s mind ignoring that side of the body.


Removing everything in the photograph to the right of the dividing line leaves nothing but a long shapely leg that gives the impression it is pointing at the purse.


It can be argued that this final photograph is what the photographer was after. The photographer directed the model to pose in such a way that the mind of a viewer is tricked or coerced into seeing nothing but the purse.

And that argument has an element of truth to it. The way in which the photographer had the model pose her body was to focus the viewer’s eye onto the purse.

But visual tricks do not provide a motive for the photographer to put the purse where it is in this photograph and pose the model the way she is. If visual tricks were the only reason to place the purse and pose the model, the purse could have been placed anywhere and the model’s body posed to focus on the purse in that different location. Why direct the model to contort her body into such an unnatural pose to focus on the purse, if visual trickery would have allowed her to stand in a normal and comfortable posture while still focusing on the purse?

It is the position of the author of this blog that there has to be more of a motivation to place the purse where it is and pose the model the way she is in this photograph.

And that motivation is the conscious or unconscious awareness of the energy of a human body on the part of the photographer.

What is it about the model’s body that consciously or unconsciously signals the photographer where the energy focal point of the her body is?

When the photographer first looks at the model he receives the impression that the energy of her body is focused either just at that particular moment, or because her energy is always focused there, approximately where the circle in this image is.


The photographer receives that impression from visual clues provided by the model’s body. The right side of the model’s body has atrophied or weakened approximately within the area enclosed by the ellipse in the following image.


Because her body has atrophied or weakened in the area enclosed by the ellipse, the upper part of the body is not strong enough to hold itself erect, which causes it to exhibit a tendency to move downwards or slouch. So the photographer told the model to go ahead and let the upper right side of her body move downwards or slouch like it naturally wants to.


Similarly, because the lower part of the body within the area of the ellipse has weakened or atrophied, the right leg is not strong enough to push down on the ground like it should, so the photographer told the model to go ahead and let the weakened or atrophied right leg lift upwards like it wants to.


And because the right leg is weakened or atrophied, even though it naturally wants to move upwards because it is not strong enough to push downwards, it is also not strong enough to hold itself up in the air like it wants to be, so the photographer provided the weight for the model to rest the leg on.


By allowing the weakened or atrophied right side of the model’s body to do what it wants, collapse toward the energy focal point of the body, which it does because the energy focal point is the origin of the energy or strength that pushes the upper right side of the body up and the lower right side of the body down, all that is left when a viewer looks at the picture is the energy focal point of the body.


And since the energy focal point of a human body is naturally what other human being’s focus on, any object placed at that same location, like the purse, is going to receive the same amount of natural attention as the energy focal point.


What is most interesting about this picture and pictures like it, is the impression the energy of the subject of the photograph gives to another human being. Because the distortion of the physical body of a human being due to changes in the energy body is of course not just limited to the physical body. Changes in the energy body also distort the appearance of the energy body. And those distortions of the energy body can be quite shocking. Much more so than the distortions of the physical body because the physical body is limited in how it can change by the way it is constructed.

The energy of a human body and energy in general can take on any shape. Which means that the impression given by the energy of a human body does not have to correspond to reality at all. The energy of a human body is not limited to changes that can seem logical or can be defined by the movements that the physical human body can make. The energy of the human body can change in shape or size so that parts or all of it may not even appear human anymore.

This particular photograph contains one of those stunning, confusing, and mind boggling changes of the energy body of a human being.

A person who can see the energy of a human body, or receives impressions about the energy of a human body, or who teaches themselves to see or receive impressions of the energy of a human body, who looks at this photograph for a long enough period of time,


might get the impression that the model’s energy body looks like this.


Or if the image was cleaned up by removing the extra leg…..


Look’s pretty natural, doesn’t it?


  1. Happeh thank you for your contribution to humanity. My life has completely changed since i stumbled upon you. You have opened a whole new world of perception for me. Please dont feel as if what your doing is a lost cause. I know its a little discouraging with the current state humanity is in, but believe me my great brother. We must go by divine trust in the universe and not by sight alone. Happeh you are meant to influence certain souls in this life.. and i am one of them. although we may be extremely few in number. We are the humans actually training to become superior humans. and Happeh it is happening as we speak. more and more humans are beginning to see the need to do work on themselves. i want you to know there are people out there that appreciate what you do and basically frequent your website for anything new. Thank you sooo much for your service Happeh! you are definitely a genius and most of what you said is true about energy. I’ve been training for about 6 years now. one of my daily routines is to hold a headstand for 3 hours everyday with other exercises from yoga, taichi, kung fu and qigong. and alot of the sensations you explained has been experienced by me. anyways i love you bro and if possible we can connect one of these days.n

    1. Dude. I have tears in my eyes you are 100% right. We are not crooked by birth.
      Every child of peace born in this earth has just been a victim for the system.
      Some stay crooked their entire life.
      And only some do decide to straighten up themselves and those are the people who are the best kind of. Respect to you and Happeh!

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