Japanese “Fashion Trend” Is Really Japanese People Ridiculing Westerners Deformed In The Way Described By Happeh Theory

A news story recently reported that “the Japanese trend for ‘cavity pose’ is about people posing in a way that makes it look like they have a cavity, like the woman in this picture, ostensibly because make their faces look slimmer”.


The story went on to say “The name of the pose, which means cavity pose, is called ‘mushiba no poozu’ or ‘mushiba poozu’ in Japanese. Some people also refer to it as the ‘mushiba ga itai poozu’ the ‘cavity hurts pose,’ ‘mushiba mitaina poozu’ or ‘looks like a cavity pose,’ or even, ‘mushiba ni natta poozu’ or ‘I got a cavity pose.'”

Here are some more examples people assuming “the cavity pose”.

 Then some pictures showing groups of people holding “the cavity pose”.

The cavity pose has even appeared on the front of magazine covers.

Contrary to the claims of the news story, the Japanese people assuming what is being called “the cavity pose”  are not doing so because it is a fashion trend that supposedly makes their face look smaller.

The reason those Japanese people are assuming that pose is because they are demonstrating what most Western people look like to them. The talk about the pose resembling someone with a cavity is a humorous statement, as in group of people saying to each other “Ha Ha. Did you notice how Western people always look like someone holding a sore tooth?”. It is also a courteous statement in the sense of one person trying not to offend another person with an unpleasant truth, by saying something funny and laughing.

The unpleasant truth about the so called “cavity pose” that the Japanese are “hiding” so as not to offend Westerners, is that the bodies of most Westerners are deformed by the lack of development of the Yin part of their body, and that lack of Yin development forces the body of most Westerners to pose as if they have a cavity.

A body of information known as “Happeh Theory” documents the same pose that is being called “cavity pose” by the Japanese. The pose is known as “Cyclopean Eye” in Happeh Theory nomenclature, because of instead of focusing on the hand that looks like it is holding a sore tooth in the pose,


Happeh Theory focuses on the fact that a person who assumes “the cavity pose” looks like they have only one eye,


like the legendary creature known as a “Cyclops”.


This example of “the cavity pose” shows exactly what Happeh Theory calls “Cyclopean Eye”. 


It is also a textbook example of the way in which the body of any human being, not just Westerners, will tend to look if it’s Yin development is weak or non-existent. Which means it is also the pose that Westerners make so much that Japanese people comment on it among themselves and joke about how it looks like someone holding a cavity.  

Of course it is natural to doubt a claim like “Japanese people are making a particular pose because it mimics a pose that they see Westerners frequently assume”. This picture comparing a Westerner sitting naturally in front of a camera to the Japanese woman presenting “the cavity pose”, 


is evidence that supports the claim “the cavity pose is actually Japanese people demonstrating what they see when they look at most Westerners”.

Examination of the picture reveals the head of the Westerner and the Japanese woman are both rotated to the left,


the left eye of both the Westerner and the Japanese woman are to the rear and hard to see,


and both of their right eyes are sticking forwards and look more prominent.


It would be natural to reject just one comparison picture as proof of any kind of claim, so here is a comparison image of a Western woman and the Japanese woman presenting the “fashion trend’ pose.


As was the case in the comparison between the Western man and the Japanese woman, the head of both the Japanese and Western women are rotated to the left,


both of their left eyes are to the rear and relatively difficult to see,


and both of their right eyes are pushed forwards and are so prominent,


that it looks like their heads have only one eye.


So if you are a Westerner, and you do not want to grow up in a deformed way that gives other people of the world like the Japanese the urge to mimic your unflattering appearance when they see you, you need to learn about and develop the Yin part of  your body, which can be done by taking up the practice of Kung Fu, the practice of Chi Kung, or while consciously employing the principles of Kung Fu and Chi Kung during the performance of other physical activities.


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