Video Clip Of Man Whose Body Behaves Like The “Blob” Described In “The Blob View Of The Human Body”

According to The Blob View Of The Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory, the human body has the ability to move like a big amorphous blob. That concept is quite different than viewing the human body as a collection of muscles, tendons, etc, that motivate a skeleton composed of bones. The main difference between the two concepts of body motivation is that a skeleton moved by a collection of muscles and tendons will usually move in a linear way, meaning it will appear to travel in straight lines, while a blob can literally move in any direction imaginable along any path imaginable.

All of those words can be hard to form into a visual image that is an accurate one of what The Blog View Of The Human Body means. For that reason it will be extremely helpful to view the video clip in the video linked below. 

The video clip shows a man who moves his body as if it is a “blob”. His arms and legs seem to be able to move in ways that are impossible, and would be impossible for a human being activating their body with muscles and tendons acting on the straight bones of a skeleton.

The clip begins at the 40:07  in the following video.


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