Anorexia Dent Analysis 10

Here is the example image for this blog entry.


The weight loss associated with Anorexia does not occur evenly over the entire body. Instead, one side of the body will lose more weight than the other side of the body. The side of the body that loses more weight will develop a large indentation or “dent” in the torso area under the ribcage and above the hips, as highlighted in the next picture.


The most common reaction to the description of Anorexia Dent and any example pictures like the one above is, “That is a natural indentation in the body called the waist. There is nothing unnatural or unhealthy about that indentation”.

Individuals who have that reaction are not being observant. The right side of the woman’s torso has an undeniably deeper indentation than the left side of her torso, as a careful examination will show.


Individuals who continue to experience doubts that the dent in the right side of the torso is unnatural or a health problem might be convinced by some of the following observations about the example individual’s body.

It was stated that the Anorexia Dent on the right side of the body was due to Anorexia shrinking the entire right side of the body. Observations corroborating that claim include the dent in the right inguinal canal area of the example individual,


being deeper and more noticeable than the same area on the left side of the body, which is barely visible.


The example individual’s right breast is lower than the left breast.


The lower level of the right breast corroborates the claim the right side is more shrunken or smaller than the left side of the body.

The woman’s entire upper body is focused towards the right.


The location and orientation of the example individual’s head and arms makes it appear they are all focusing on or reaching for a circular area at the top right of the head, which is highlighted in the next picture.


The yellow sphere represents where the energy of the woman is now focused. The shrinkage of the right side of the physical body has pulled the sphere of energy to the right of it’s natural location on the center of the body. The line on the next picture depicts the current location of  the centerline of the woman’s energy body.


All of the previous observations confirmed that various parts of the example individual’s physical body have either moved to the right, or are focused on the right. Those observations all support the claim that Anorexia has shrunken the right side of the example individual’s body more than the left side of the body.


  1. This is the most mindblowingly stupid shit I have ever thing. It’s the way she is standing. In every single one of these pictures, the woman is posed to where one hip is cocked out more. Take a picture of someone standing straight up, head-on & at a normal camera angle. This pic is photoshopped & retouched to make her look smaller too but that’s not the point. Get in the mirror, position yourself in the way that she is and notice how you are standing & which leg the weight is on.

    What is this fuckery.

    Is this a fetish or something?

  2. This is the stupidest thing I ever heard. Of course her energy is on one side because she’s modeling. Holy crap. She’s leaning on the wall on her right side. And of course one breast is higher. Her freaking arm is higher on one side. Wow, this is ridiculous.

  3. I clicked on this thinking it was an article about awful photoshop jobs. Does no one else see that the pieces of wood next to this so-called Dent of Anorexia are SEVERELY warped because of a poor attempt to photoshop in curves?? Instead we get some crockery about dents? To quote Zoolander, “I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here!” Ridiculous.. lol.

  4. You are nuts. I worked at a psychiatric hospital for teens. I have seen anorexia. This “dent” is only in your mind, NOT in reality. REAL Anorexia is a 16 year old, 5’7″ girl who weighs 60 lbs. They look like SKELETONS with just layer of skin over the bones; you can see the ENTIRE HIP JOINT, the entire shoulder joint, it is HORRIFIC. I have had to help hold these girls down for force-feeding, in which tubes are inserted up the nose, into the stomach, to supply a liquid diet to prevent them from DYING OF STARVATION. In some respects, you are on the money, re: energetic body, etc. On this, sex and masturbation – you are NUTS. I haven’t finished reading the website, but I’m not sure I should bother. And I don’t care what “science ” says, I speak ONLY from personal experience.

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