The Secret Of The Six Pointed Star 03

Previous material has been presented to present an explanation for why six pointed stars like this one


are significant to human culture.

One explanation claimed the six pointed star was important because the faces of certain human beings contained six points that could be connected together with lines to form a six pointed star.


Another explanation claimed the six pointed star is a representation of the human body.


This post presents an alternative six pointed star that can be created by connecting points on the human body.

Here is a picture of a human body.


One triangle is created by connecting the right knee to the left elbow,


the left elbow to the right side of the head,


and then connecting the top of the right side of the head back down to the right knee.


The second triangle is created by connecting the left knee to the right elbow,


connecting the right elbow to the left side of the head,


then connecting the left side of the head to the left knee.


While the shape created is undeniably a six pointed star,


some readers may feel there is something odd about the star on the body in comparison to the six pointed star.


All that has to be done to allay that feeling of something wrong is to rotate the six pointed star so it has the same orientation as the one on the body and number the points on the six pointed star so they correspond to the points on the body.


What seems to be a logical conclusion from the previous posts on this subject and this post?

The Six Pointed Star is significant to human beings because six pointed star shapes are a significant part of the construction of a healthy and strong human body. The previous posts highlighted six pointed star shapes formed from the shoulders, groin, head, and ground, and a six pointed star shape found on the face of certain human beings. This post highlights how a six pointed star shape is formed by the knees, elbows, and head

The six pointed star shape highlighted in this post is not just a shape that can be created from points on the body. A healthy and strong human being will actually feel each triangle connecting the respective knee, elbow, and side of the head. 

So it would be natural for some human beings to not know anything about six pointed stars or their significance. A weak human being whose body was not physically developed would never feel the triangles or six pointed stars within their own body, so they could try for a hundred years to figure out why six pointed stars are significant and they would never find the answer. 

Only if they for some reason they began to physically develop and strengthen their body in the proper way that stimulates the creation of those triangles and six pointed stars, would they ever have a chance of stumbling on the reason why six pointed stars are significant to the human race.

 And as you some of you probably already suspect, this is not the final six pointed star in the human body, nor are the explanations that have been provided up to this point complete and thorough explanations.



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