Succubi is the plural of the word Succubus

Definition of Succubus

a succubus (plural succubi) is a demon which takes the form of a female to seduce men (especially monks) in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim

That is a legendary kind of definition of the word Succubus.

According to this author, the use of the word demon in that definition is not a reference to an imaginary creature, but a reference to real women. According to this author, real human women suck the energy out of a men. None of the supernatural details and none of the dramatic imagery associated with mythical demons applies to these women.

Succubi can steal the energy of a man at any time of day. Not just during a sleeping man’s dreams. It is easier when the man is asleep for the obvious reason that the man is unaware and defenseless.

It is easier for Succubi to suck the energy of men who either do not know about energy, or have been convinced that human beings do not have energy. Because these men either do not know about energy or disbelieve in energy, they take no steps to protect themselves from being energy sucked by Succubi.

The picture below shows an example of a Succubus sucking the energy out of a man.


It is difficult to describe the physical signs that indicate invisible energy sucking. All the interested person can do is take in the information and hold on to it until some point in the future when it makes sense to them.

Some looking for physical signs of energy sucking might start by asking “What is the woman, who is purportedly sucking the energy out of the man, doing? The woman is holding a cup most likely containing some liquid. What does a human being do with cup containing liquid? They usually drink from it in order to gain sustenance form it.

What does a Succubus do to a man? A Succubus takes energy from a man. Why? Because the man’s provides sustenance for the Succubus.

The tea cup is a prop for the Succubus. Every time the Succubus drinks out of the cup, she is really drinking of the man’s energy.

See how difficult those clues can be to accept? What is the difference between a Succubus drinking from a cup as an excuse to drink from someone’s energy, and two people actually drinking liquids together? The difference lies with the other clues in the picture. It is only through examination of those other clues that the determination can be made about whether energy sucking is going on or comradely drinking is going on.

What are those other clues in the picture that support the contention the woman is using drinking out of the cup as an excuse for drinking of the man’s energy?

Examine the man’s posture. His right hand is in his pocket,


and his wait is forwards of his body,


as if he was sticking his out towards the woman.


Remember the definition of a Succubus?

a succubus (plural succubi) is a demon which takes the form of a female to seduce men (especially monks) in dreams to have sexual intercourse.”

The only way a man can have intercourse is with an erect penis. And the man’s body is positioned as if he is pushing his erect penis towards the woman. All the woman has to do to suck his energy is to suck on the man’s penis since he is so kindly sticking it out at her.

Some readers may have trouble accepting that the woman is sucking the man’s energy based on that information. A person needs life experience, exposure to hundreds of situations like this and thousands of other people, before they can gain the necessary expertise to see instantly what is happening.

For the reader who does not have that experience, there is one more clue that points to the sexual nature of the picture and the energy sucking of the woman. Look at the smile on the woman’s face.


That smile is not a normal smile. It is a “sexually satisfied/sexual come on” type of smile.

If you have never seen a woman with a sexually satisfied smile or a woman has never made a sexual come on smile to you, then of course you will not be able to recognize the exact look of the smile for what it signifies.


  1. It is a year old experience where i personally experienced as if something important ( could be the energy) was evading my body through the bowels. It was a terrible feeling and i havent been able to get over it. It feels empty ever since and i feel very lathargic and depressed ever since. I am not as smart an indivisual but i would like to know if that escaped energy is in your understanding, and even more helpful, if there is a way to recover the lost energy.

    1. Recovering lost energy may or may not be possible in the sense of getting back what was lost. But new replacement energy can be generated to take the place of lost energy.

      Generating new energy is almost always the result of engaging in healthful types of physical activities. If you feel weak in the stomach or intestine or bowel area as you state in your comment, doesn’t it seem like common sense that some type of physical activity that strengthens those areas would make you feel better?

      1. Thank you for the valuable reply. I would like to correct myself here. The energy/feeling that escaped was actually through the anus instead of the bowels. Apologies for the wrong selection of words in this serious context. Further explaining the incident, it all happened in the presence of the succubus. I could not understand the intent. But it was a helpless feeling. As if a vital part was escaping through the anus. Ever since i havent had the same level of control on the root chakra/anus/rectum muscles. And it has been depleting constantly. It is also linked with the erection strength. It is a matter of life and death. Could the happeh theory provide some insight on this.

    1. I would say no. For the simple reason that since a succubus sucks the energy out of other people, they would of course know if someone was trying to suck energy out of them and would instantly put a stop to the attempt.

      That is in fact what happens in real life. One way to identify an energy sucker is if they instantly put a stop to any activity or motion that looks like it could be an attempt to or a prelude to energy sucking. For instance. If you observe someone who is brushing at their body for no apparent reason, like ants are biting them or they have some itch, that person is almost always trying to discourage an energy suck attempt. People who seem to move for no apparent reason are doing the same thing. Avoiding an energy suck attempt by disrupting the focus of the energy suck by physically moving their body, as opposed to disrupting the focus of the energy suck attempt by rubbing at the spot on their body the energy suck attempt is being made on as described in the previous sentence.

      1. Do the first lines imply that the only way to retreive the lost energy would be to either ask for, earn it or snatch it back from the succubus that sucked it at first place.

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