Jul 132013


The picture above demonstrates energy sucking in a way that anyone can understand. The dog is the victim that is being energy sucked. The woman is the energy sucker.

What is it about the picture that justifies those statements?

What is the dog doing? It is running. Running requires the output of energy. So the dog is emitting energy in order to run across the snow.

What is the woman doing? The woman is moving across the snow just as fast as the dog is, but she isn’t exerting any energy to do it. The woman is only moving across the snow because the dog is pulling her.

The dog cannot pull the woman unless he emits enough energy to move his body weight and the body weight of the woman. The woman is sucking whatever amount of energy it takes to move her body out of the dog, by forcing it to pull her along with it.

Energy sucking of a human being would look just the same as the energy sucking of that dog by the woman. The victim who is being energy sucked will be trailed by the energy sucker. The orientation of the energy sucker and the distance they trail the victim is dependent on the bodily energy distribution of both the victim and the energy sucker.

The victim will unknowingly be exerting more energy than necessary because they are pulling the weight of the energy sucker as they perform whatever task it is they are involved in. That concept of energy sucking can be used to help understand how energy sucking takes place when no one is moving. Even if a human body is not moving, there are still actions taking place inside of it that keep it alive. The energy sucker can suck the energy out of those movements just as easily as sucking the energy out of actions requiring large movements like walking or running.

It is actually possible to kill a human being through energy sucking. There is nothing mystical or magical about it. The energy sucker simply sucks all of the energy out of some part of the body necessary for the survival of the body. The usual and most effective target is the heart. The energy sucker will suck so much energy out of the heart that it cannot beat properly anymore which gives the victim a heart attack.

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