Jul 312013

Previous material has been presented to present an explanation for why six pointed stars like this one


are significant to human culture.

One explanation claimed the six pointed star was important because the faces of certain human beings contained six points that could be connected together with lines to form a six pointed star.


Another explanation claimed the six pointed star is a representation of the human body.


This post presents an alternative six pointed star that can be created by connecting points on the human body.

Here is a picture of a human body.


One triangle is created by connecting the right knee to the left elbow,


the left elbow to the right side of the head,


and then connecting the top of the right side of the head back down to the right knee.


The second triangle is created by connecting the left knee to the right elbow,


connecting the right elbow to the left side of the head,


then connecting the left side of the head to the left knee.


While the shape created is undeniably a six pointed star,


some readers may feel there is something odd about the star on the body in comparison to the six pointed star.


All that has to be done to allay that feeling of something wrong is to rotate the six pointed star so it has the same orientation as the one on the body and number the points on the six pointed star so they correspond to the points on the body.


What seems to be a logical conclusion from the previous posts on this subject and this post?

The Six Pointed Star is significant to human beings because six pointed star shapes are a significant part of the construction of a healthy and strong human body. The previous posts highlighted six pointed star shapes formed from the shoulders, groin, head, and ground, and a six pointed star shape found on the face of certain human beings. This post highlights how a six pointed star shape is formed by the knees, elbows, and head

The six pointed star shape highlighted in this post is not just a shape that can be created from points on the body. A healthy and strong human being will actually feel each triangle connecting the respective knee, elbow, and side of the head. 

So it would be natural for some human beings to not know anything about six pointed stars or their significance. A weak human being whose body was not physically developed would never feel the triangles or six pointed stars within their own body, so they could try for a hundred years to figure out why six pointed stars are significant and they would never find the answer. 

Only if they for some reason they began to physically develop and strengthen their body in the proper way that stimulates the creation of those triangles and six pointed stars, would they ever have a chance of stumbling on the reason why six pointed stars are significant to the human race.

 And as you some of you probably already suspect, this is not the final six pointed star in the human body, nor are the explanations that have been provided up to this point complete and thorough explanations.


Jul 262013

The woman in the picture below is involuntarily making a hand gesture and striking a pose that is mocked by an insult called “Nose Thumbing”.

Tina Turner

The woman is making the exact hand gesture and her body is holding the exact position it is because of changes to the structure of her body, not because she made a conscious willful decision to place all of the parts of her body in the exact locations they are.

Those structural changes to the body are associated with mental, emotional, and personality changes of a negative nature. So when someone voluntarily makes a Nose Thumbing gesture at another person, they are saying “You have the same mental, emotional, physical, and personality deficiencies as people who make this gesture involuntarily”.

Here is an example of someone making the insult gesture.


That gesture is not the exact way the Nose Thumbing insult is usually made. The man is hiding the full gesture because he is playing sports right in front of a camera. If someone became angry and wanted to cause him trouble for making the Nose Thumbing insult, he could legitimately claim that he is only raising a sore hand to his lips to soothe it.

Here is a man who is making something close to the Nose Thumbing Gesture because his body is changed in the way the Nose Thumbing Gesture is meant to mock.


One of the more obvious changes being referred to is the rotation of his head to his right so it looks like he is trying to focus mostly his left eye on the camera.


Jul 172013

Anorexia is associated with many of the same physical changes to the body and health problems as those caused by masturbation. That is because the same basic mechanism of the body is affected by both Masturbation and Anorexia.

The main change that Anorexia or Masturbation causes in the human body is to create what Happeh Theory calls “Anorexia Dent”. “Anorexia Dent” is the name given to a large dent that will appear in the side of the torso of an Anorexic, like the curved dent on the right side of the torso in the example picture below.


The picture above shows exactly how Anorexia Dent affects the side of the torso, as well as how Anorexia Dent affects the rest of the body. Every aspect of the appearance of the body in the example picture is affected in the usual way Anorexia Dent will affect a human body. An exact listing of the changes include:

The way in which Anorexia or Masturbation visibly changes the human body can be described in two main ways. A western science kind of explanation would be “Anorexia or Masturbation change the shape of the human body by tightening and shrinking the muscles, tendons, and other organic material of the body. As that organic material shrinks it alters the shape of the body in a way that is visible to the unassisted eye”.

An alternative explanation can be provided by Yin Yang Theory. Yin Yang Theory is a theory of how everything in the universe works, including the human body. Yin Yang Theory was developed in Asia, supposedly thousands of years ago.

In terms of Yin Yang Theory, Anorexia and Masturbation both change the body by shrinking the Yin part of the body. The difference between the Yin Yang Theory explanation and the Western Science explanation is mainly one of where the bodily shrinkage takes place and originates from.

The Western Science explanation would claim that the bodily shrinkage caused by Masturbation or Anorexia originated at and occurred in the local areas of the body that are shrunken.

The Yin Yang Theory explanation would claim the bodily shrinkage occurs at some central area where the Yin part of the body originates, and shrinks some of that central area, the area of the body where the shrinkage is visible to the naked eye, and related parts of the body between where the shrinkage is visible to the naked eye and the central area where the shrinkage is originating from.

Here is a full body picture of an individual who fits the Western Science definition for Anorexia.


The exact look of this example body is the characteristic look of an Anorexic human body. If the hip area is cut from the new example picture,


and compared to the previous example picture that claimed to show exactly how Anorexia Dent changed the side of the torso and the rest of the body visible in that immediate area,


the similarities between the two human bodies can easily be seen. Those similarities include:


The presence of an Anorexia Dent in conjunction with extreme thinness is enough to diagnose an individual as having the medical condition called Anorexia by Western Medicine.

Jul 162013

A large majority of artwork is usually a commentary on the reality of what it means to be human. The artwork is an attempt by the artist to inform those who are ignorant of the realities of life about what they do not know. The purpose of using artwork is that words are too easy to ignore, and artwork can trigger instantaneous realization of concepts that might take hours to verbally describe. The picture below is an example of this phenomenon.


Most impressions of the image would probably result in it being described as a scene of a man and a creature or some kind of monster. Which is what the image portrays on the surface.

The commentary on reality that the artist is trying to convey though is that the picture shows a healthy normal human being, the man, facing not a creature or monster, but what is actually an unhealthy abnormal human being.

What is it about the image that conveys that information? That the man is healthy and normal while the creature is really a human being who is unhealthy?

The man is a representation of a healthy human being because his body is upright and straight,


he has a small rounded head,


and he has a very large protruding stomach.


The characteristics of the “creature” that reveal it is actually a representation of an unhealthy human being are basically the opposite characteristics of what are found in the body of the man.

The creature is hunched over instead of standing up straight,


the creature looks like it has no stomach or a flat stomach instead of a fat rounded stomach,


the creatures arms drag on the ground while the man’s arms hang by his sides,


and the creature has a very large misshapen head compared to the small rounded head of the man.


The head itself is probably the most revealing of the differences between a healthy normal human being and an unhealthy abnormal human being.

The hair of the unhealthy human being sticks out at odd angles,


while the hair of the man is close to his head and well groomed.


The mouth of the unhealthy human being is wide open,


with large jagged teeth sticking out of it,


while the healthy human beings mouth is closed and no teeth are visible.


The unhealthy human being has a large pointy nose,


while the healthy human being has a small rounded nose.


The crooked “hat” the unhealthy human being is wearing,


is probably the most insightful difference between the unhealthy and healthy human beings, because it is not actually a hat. It is a representation of part of what is called “the energy body” of a human being.

The energy body of a healthy human being like the man in the picture can be visualized as projecting an “invisible cone” up out of the top of the head, 


whose center is aligned on the center of the standing up straight healthy human body.


Their are two reasons the bent or crooked unhealthy human beings “hat” 


is especially insightful to the reality of what it is to be human.

 The first insight is that it demonstrates the strong influence the body has on the position and appearance of the head. The reason the “hat” or energy projection at the top of the head of the unhealthy human being points backwards,


is because it has to in order to counteract and balance the hunched forwards body.


The second insight is an obvious one that almost does not need stating. In addition to the physical health problems associated with the obviously misshapen body of the unhealthy human being,


the crooked cone or hat on the head of the unhealthy human being,


means it’s thinking, emotions, and personality are all going to be crooked also.