The Entire Body Is Interconnected 006

The human body is one big interconnected. Anything that happens to one part of the human body will affect and involve every other part of the body to some degree. The images in this section are meant to highlight that fact.

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man hurling the ball for a game called “shot put”.


The observations from this image that prove the entire human body is interconnected come from the man’s distorted face. When the man exerts the effort necessary to hurl the shot put with his right hand,


his lips protrude outwards,


his cheeks puff outwards,


and his left eye closes up.


The pattern of reactions provides clues to how the body is interconnected. Since the man is flinging the shot put with his right hand,


and his left eye is closed,


it is reasonable to conclude the right arm of the human body is strongly connected to the left eye.


Although the novice will likely not be able to see it, for future reference the reason the face deforms in the way it does is that what are called “forces”, or more familiarly “pressure”, emanates from the rear of the body, then travels equally around both sides of the body to meet up in the center of the front of the body.


As the novice becomes familiar with examining the images in this section, or as they become more experienced in seeing what is commonly referred to as the “energy” of the human body, noting the flow of forces in any particular example body will become second nature.

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