The Entire Body Is Interconnected 005

The human body is one big interconnected. Anything that happens to one part of the human body will affect and involve every other part of the body to some degree. The images in this section are meant to highlight that fact. 

The example picture for this blog entry shows a man sitting on a couch.


The man has no right leg because it was blown off by a land mine.


That image highlights the fact the the entire body is interconnected because the connections from the rest of his body that were anchored at the right leg are not anchored anymore. Because his left leg is not held back or anchored by his right leg,


his left leg moves to the left.


Because his head is no longer held back or anchored by his right leg,


his head moves to the left,


and rotates to the left.


Because his right arm is no longer anchored by his right leg,


his right arm reaches over to the left far enough so his right hand can grasp his left ankle,


Depending on how sensitive the reader is to what is commonly referred to as the “energy” of the human body, they may experience the impression when viewing the image,


that the man has no right arm . That impression is due to the broken connections between the man’s right arm and his no longer existent right leg.

And finally, because his entire body,


is no longer anchored by his right leg,


his entire body slants or leans to the left.


All of the previous observations should convince even the most doubtful reader that the human body truly does behave as one large interconnected piece, meaning that any event that affects one part of the body will affect all other parts of the body to some degree.

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