Zombies Are Human Beings With Distorted Energy Bodies

“Zombie” is the name given to what is supposed to be a dead body that has come back to life. Zombies are always depicted as being physically disfigured. 

According to Happeh Theory, “Zombies” are actually human beings with a distorted energy body. The distortion of the energy body causes the physical body distortion that is one of the characteristics of Zombies.

Because Zombies are actually human beings with a distorted energy body, anyone who can see the energy of another human being really feels like they are looking at a Zombie. It is most likely that the original concept of “mythical Zombies” came from someone who could see the energy in another human being describing what they saw when they looked at someone with a distorted energy body.

That explains why Zombies are depicted as having physically distorted bodies, but it does not explain why zombies are described as dead people who have come back to life.

Zombies are described as dead people who came back to life, because to a normal human being, the physical and mental changes exhibited by a “Zombie” makes them like like walking dead human being. The physical changes make their body look like a decaying corpse and the mental and emotional capabilities are so degraded, that they could easily be imagined to be coming from a dead body with no brain activity.

The majority of stories and artwork on the subject of Zombies all share common characteristics. That is because the distortion of the energy body of a human being is usually due to a few causes that always produce the same changes in the energy body, which in turn always changes the physical body in a certain way.

The drawing below shows a Zombie that displays some of the characteristic physical changes that always show up in representations of Zombies.


The characteristic Zombie body changes include wide open eyes,
a wide open mouth,
and lots of teeth showing in the wide open mouth. 

As stated previously, the changes to the energy and physical body of Zombies are usually due to one of a small number of causes. Those causes include Masturbation, Sexual Activity, Strong Or Repeated Unbalanced Physical Activity, Drug Usage, Alcohol Usage, and Poor Living Standards, as well as some others not listed here.

The exact look of a Zombie will provide clues as to what the specific cause is The Zombie in the drawing has the look of a Masturbation caused Zombie. The observations that conclusion is based on are detailed next.

The right eye of the Zombie is located at the upper right of the eye socket,

and is looking up to the right.


 A single upward looking eye is one of the main changes caused by Masturbation with the palm under the penis. Excessive Sexual Activity could also be an alternative cause.

The head of the Zombie is tilted over to the right, 


 which happens to be the same direction the right eye is looking.

Head Tilting is another one of the main changes caused by Masturbation. It is also one of the main bodily changes caused by Excessive Sexual activity and the Snorting or Injection of Drugs. Because the right eye has been identified as likely being caused by Masturbation, the head tilt in this case will also be attributed  to Masturbation.

The right shoulder of the Zombie has moved upwards.

 which gives both shoulders a slanted look.

 An uplifted shoulder and the resulting slant of both shoulders is another one of the main changes caused by Masturbation. They are also one of the main bodily changes caused by Excessive Sexual Activity and Snorting or Injection of Drugs. As with the Head Tilting, the slanted shoulders are being treated as if they are caused by Masturbation because of the condition of the right eye.

Each of those bodily changes have something in common. They all could have been caused by something being placed above and to the right of the body changes that acted like a magnet on the body.

The pulling of a magnet object in that location on the body would pull the head over towards it,

the right eye over towards it,

and the right shoulder up towards it.


 The correspondence between the common characteristics of Zombies and the changes to the body that are caused by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Injection of Drugs, Snorting of Drugs, Homosexuality, and Anorexia, would be a strong incentive to not engage in any of those activities to most thinking individuals.


Happeh Theory provides theoretical ways to visualize why the human body changes in the way that it does to look like a Zombie. Those theoretical explanations can be difficult to follow.

The individual interested in Happeh Theory would want to know that The Mask View of the Human Body, and The Blob View of the Human Body, can both be used to discuss and explain the physical changes to the human body that make a human being a Zombie.

A more direct and simple explanation for why Zombies have wide eyes, a wide open mouth, and show lots of teeth, is that becoming a Zombie involves shrinkage of the body.

The eyes become wide looking because the flesh and muscles around the eyes shrink and become tight and tense. The eyes are the same size they have always been. The eyes only look bigger because the surrounding flesh and muscle that used to cover them up is gone.


 The mouth becomes wide because the back of the head and neck shrink. According to Happeh Theory, the mouth is not a hole in the front of the face. The mouth is a hole that behaves as if it goes from the front of the face to the back of the head and neck.

 When the back of the head and neck shrink due to whatever cause, the shrinkage pulls the mouth wide open involuntarily. The individual either cannot close their mouth completely, or it is very hard or uncomfortable for them to completely close their mouth.

  The next picture emphasizes how the back of the neck of the Zombie is shrunken compared to the back of the neck of a normal human being.

  Lots of teeth show in the mouth of a Zombie because the shrinkage of the head pulls the lips back and thrusts the jaw and gums forward.

  Zombies are people. If you knew that certain actions that you might be involved in would make you look like a Zombie to people who can see energy, why would you involve yourself in those actions?

Do you really want to look like a Zombie to other people?

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