Zombie Analysis 006

Zombies are not imaginary creatures. The concept of zombies was based on actual people whose physical and energy bodies are changed in the way shown in common depictions of zombies.

A talented artist who can see energy can use makeup to duplicate what they see when they look at a zombie.  The examples in this section were created by artists with that talent. 

The makeup on the man in the following picture shows a blind eye covered with scar tissue.


The makeup was not applied in the exact way it is randomly or because of creative inspiration.  While it may be exaggerated for dramatic effect, a left eye that is disfigured and blind to some degree is actually what a person who can see energy sees when they look at the man.

There are always other physical changes in the bodies of these example individuals that corroborates the claim the zombie makeup applied to them is duplicating some phenomenon taking place within their body. In this case that associated physical change is the shifting of the man’s head to the left on his neck. The lines on the following picture highlight the angling to the left of the neck under the mostly straight up and down head.


It is not a coincidence that the neck angles to the left and it is the left eye that has the zombie makeup applied to it.  The neck angles to the left and the left eye is blind and disfigured because something within the man’s body has shifted to his left. It is as if the man’s neck came to a point inside of his head at his left eye which pulled it closed,


instead of remaining an open circular column as it rises up through his hea


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