Zombie Analysis 004

Zombies are not imaginary creatures. The concept of zombies was based on actual people whose physical and energy bodies are changed in the way shown in common depictions of zombies.

A talented artist who can see energy can use makeup to duplicate what they see when they look at a zombie.  The examples in this section were created by artists with that talent. 

The makeup on the man in the following picture consists of some blood at the outside of his left eye and the left side of his mouth.


The makeup was not applied in the exact way it is randomly or because of creative inspiration.  The man’s energy body is distorted in such a way that a person who can see energy gets the impression that something is leaving or pushing out and towards the left from the outside of the left eye and the left side of the mouth. The blood at those two locations is one way to give visibility to that impression.

The man’s entire body naturally leans to his left.


It does so in reaction to the same phenomenon causing the “pushing to the left” impression given by his mouth and left eye. The body tilting is also significant because most depictions of zombies show them leaning slightly forwards to one side or the other.



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