The Energy Of The Human Body Can Link With And Be Influenced By The Energy Of Another Human Body

Human beings have what is commonly referred to as “energy”. That “energy” is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can affect other living creatures. Human beings have the ability to sense the “energy” of another human being and react to that knowledge in some way. That ability can be a conscious knowing ability, or it can be an unconscious instinctive ability.

The energy of human beings can become “linked”. When two or more human beings are “Energy Linked”, the energy of one human being in the group can and does influence the energy and consequently the physical behavior of the other human beings in the group. The energy influencing that passes back and forth between the members of the group is not limited to one designated individual influencing the others, although it often is. The energy of any member of any size group can affect one or more other members of the group in a way that changes their energy and their physical behavior.

It is very difficult to explain and demonstrate Human Energy Linkage. The learning process requires reinterpreting what seem like random behaviors and events as behaviors and events that are reactions to the energy influence from other human beings. What the novice will quickly discover is that the most common observable phenomenon of energy linkage is the mimicry of the physical movements of the energy influencing individual by the person who is being energetically influenced.

For instance, if one person in a group scratches themselves because they have an itch, other members of the group who do not have an itch will scratch the same general area because their bodies have been energetically influenced by the energy of the individual who actually does have an itch that needs scratching.

The Energy Linkage section of the website contains a variety of static images of Energy Linkage whose purpose is to provide examples of Energy Linkage to learn from. Similarly there are dynamic or moving examples of Energy Linkage where an attempt is made to write an explanation for all of the action that is occurring in the example. 

This particular blog post contains a video clip from a Japanese Anime called “Dragonball”. The Anime is about a young boy named “Goku”,


who wants to become better at Kung Fu to protect his friends.

Goku meets a creature named “Korin”,


who tells Goku that a vase Korin is holding,


contains water that will make him stronger.

But Goku has to take the vase away from Korin to drink the water, which he can’t do because Korin is better at Kung Fu than Goku is.


Korin then tells Goku that he must “anticipate his movements” in order to take the vase away. To learn how to anticipate Korin’s movements, Korin tells Goku “know my thoughts by reading my breath”. What Korin calls “knowing his thoughts by reading his breath”, is the same thing as learning to read the energy of another living creature, or becoming “Energy Linked” to another living creature.

Goku cannot figure out how to read Korin’s breath, so they give up training for the day and go to sleep.


Goku then has a vision of a friend,


trying to teach some other friends some exercises.

That vision gives Goku the inspiration to watch Korin while he is asleep,


and mimic his every move. Eventually Goku stops watching Korin and falls asleep.


That is when the lesson of learning about energy linkage makes it’s appearance.

After Goku falls asleep, his body continues to follow the movements of Korin’s body. He can neither see Korin’s movements, nor consciously control his body to mimic Korin’s movements. 

The only way a sleeping Goku could be mimicking Korin’s movements, is if his body is energy linked to Korin’s.


Then when Korin moves, the energy of that movement travels along the energy link to Goku’s body,


where the energy stimulates him to make the exact same movement.

The example video is linked below.


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