The Concept Of The “Unconscious” Is A Plot By Evil To Convince People Telepathy Does Not Exist – Incomplete

The “unconscious mind” is a concept that is attributed to the field of Psychiatry. This concept claims that there is a part of the mind that a person is not aware of or in control of. The “unconscious” is claimed to think it’s own thoughts, feel it’s own feelings, and have it’s own desires.

The concept of the “unconscious mind” teaches that people who think thoughts, have desires, or experience feelings that go against their own moral code, or the moral code or behavioral norms of society, are powerless to do anything about those unwelcome intrusions, because since they emanate from the unconscious mind, they cannot be controlled by the conscious mind.

The concept of the “unconscious mind” is a Plot By Evil. The main goal of the plot  is to blind people to the reality of telepathy.

Human beings are naturally telepathic. Most any normal, average human being who grows up healthy and exercises to become physically fit will eventually develop telepathic abilities to some degree or the other. Those abilities can also show up  in children who are blessed by birth. 

Telepathy is beneficial to human beings because it harmonizes them. Without have to go through the arduous task of speaking, people can communicate their feelings in a way that is much more potent than words can ever be. Because those communications are so potent, the other telepathically aware people in the group will respond faster and more strongly than they would to verbal communication.

Telepathy is beneficial to human beings because of it can take place over large distances. With no technology to provide telephone or computer communication, human beings are cut off from each other over large distances. Telepathic communication allows non technological contact over large distances, which helps human communities stay cohesive.

Telepathy is beneficial to human beings because it can be used to teach people. Verbal communication is imprecise and slow. Because telepathy is direct contact between minds, every detail of information can be passed in a way that makes the receiver feel as if they actually physically went through whatever process was necessary to gain the original information being transmitted.

Telepathy is beneficial to human beings because it can be used in health care. If some person has a personality or mental problem, they can often times be uncommunicative and unresponsive. Telepathic communication allows the health worker to discover what is in the mind of the patient that is causing the health problems. Telepathic communication then allows the health worker to insert thoughts and strategies to help the patient that he patient may refuse to cooperate with if the transfer was attempted verbally.

Telepathy is beneficial to human beings for law and order reasons. Criminals are naturally going to refuse to speak if they will be punished in some way. Criminals would also of course lie about anything to avoid punishment. Telepathy allows law enforcement to determine whether or not a criminal is lying, or to discover what they are hiding if they refuse to speak. Telepathy can also be used for criminal investigation by simply trawling through the minds of others for information of interest.

Because the overall goal of the Forces Of Evil is to cause misery to human beings, anything beneficial to human life is a target for attack and sabotage. Which is why the Forces Of Evil have promulgated the concept of the “unconscious mind” while simultaneously declaring science had determined “telepathy does not exist”.

By convincing the public that telepathy does not exist, the average person becomes susceptible to psychic or telepathic attack. When an evil telepathic person inserts an evil thought such as “Steal that object” into the mind of someone, instead of that person telling themselves “I am under telepathic attack. Do not listen to that suggestion and go into telepathic defense mode”, the person thinks “I must be a very bad person because my unconscious mind wants to steal other people’s property”.

That kind of thought process has a corrosive effect on the individual that leads to self doubt, weakness, uncertainty, self dislike, self hatred, and anxiety. The person knows in their heart they are a good person and would not steal property or perform any of the other evil acts that they think about, and yet they have these thoughts that psychiatrists claim is their unconscious telling them what they really desire.

It is difficult to describe exactly how much misery the concept of “the unconscious mind” causes. Almost any negative thought a person has at any time in their life can be attributed to telepathic attack. Consider it for a moment. What person would have negative thoughts about themselves naturally? Why would anyone think anything that would make them feel badly? It makes no sense.

But it makes perfect sense that some outside source trying to cause misery would insert lies and false information into the mind of another person who did not realize such a thing could be done.

So what can someone do if they decide they believe the claim about this Plot By Evil?

The first thing to do is easy. Believe that telepathy exists and start paying attention to every single thought in your head. If you become aware of a thought that does not seem like you, examine it to determine if maybe you are just growing up and changing and that is one of your own natural new thoughts that just popped up, or if it seems like it is absolutely not you and could possibly be from some outside source.

If you do decide you have become aware of a telepathic intrusion, test yourself to see if you are being realistic. Is anyone around you? If there is then just because they are in close physical proximity it is possible there is telepathic communication going on. Then consider the nature of the thoughts you are suspicious of. Are you thinking you are really hungry but you just ate? And there is a big heavy person who seems like they eat alot in the room with you? Then it is very possible that you are thinking you are hungry because you are telepathically picking up on the thoughts of the heavy person who eats alot.

If you are in a situation where you have thoughts of doing something “bad”, are there people around you? If there are, do any of them look more likely to be having the thoughts that are currently in your head but seem completely alien? If you are in a store for instance, and you feel like stealing something but you know you are a completely honest individual who would never steal, is there someone around you who looks like they might be the kind of person who steals? If there is, you are probably picking up their thoughts telepathically.

How can you tell if you are just picking up telepathic thoughts accidentally by close contact with people as in the previous two examples, or if you are under psychic attack by a malicious force you may or may not wish to call a “Force Of Evil”? 

It can be difficult. If you are experiencing truly vile and nasty thoughts that entail major harm to others, that is almost always a telepathic attack by a Force Of Evil. Regular normal people, even if they are boiling mad, simply don’t do truly nasty and vile things. Evil acts are called “Evil” because they are the absolute worst. And most human beings cannot and will not perform Evil Acts unless they are being telepathically goaded by true Forces Of Evil.

You might be lucky and the source of the evil thoughts could be obvious. Some people look physically “bad” or “evil” or “wrong” and you will be able to pick them out from the group of people surrounding you. In other cases though the evil people can look normal or seem good physically. In those cases their energy will give them away as being evil, but if a person cannot see or feel energy, they will not be warned in that way.

If you are alone and you are experiencing evil or objectionable thoughts of any degree, in that case the decision is easy. If you are alone with no one around and thinking thoughts you know in your heart are not you, then you are under telepathic attack. Why else would you be thinking thoughts you never had in your life? Thoughts that are nasty and vile and go against everything you believe in?

It can only be psychic attack by a Force Of Evil trying to take advantage of the purposeful ignorance it hopes you accepted, that telepathy is not real, and the thoughts the Force Of Evil is inserting into your mind are really coming from your unconscious mind, which makes you a really bad person whether or not you actually act on whatever evil thoughts that Force Of Evil is putting in your head.


  1. Happeh, can a person be telepathically linked with another over a distance of miles? How long is long distance? Also, do families have stronger connections (ie mothers and their children)? Does telepathic ability put someone at a greater risk of telepathic control if they are unaware of their capacities? Sorry, lots of questions.

    1. 1) – Yes. Distance is not a barrier to telepathy.

      2) – Families do not necessarily have stronger telepathic connections. The talents
      lie with the individual.

      3) – Yes telepathic ability makes the individual more susceptible to telepathic control
      if they are unaware of their abilities.

  2. I agree that telepathy exists. I got a friend of mine, she is a woman and she used to be a childhood friend. I lost any contact with her for 15 years and then, by chance or destiny, I did find her on social media. She was born the day before me and I really think we understand each-other only by looking at each other in the eyes. It’s really frightening on one side, but really relaxing and wonderfull on the other side.

    Well done, whoever stands behind this blog and God bless you!

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