Demonization Of The Nazi Salute Is A Plot By Evil

The “Nazi Salute” is the name given to the gesture shown in this picture.


The “Nazi Salute” has been demonized supposedly because it was used by the troops of Germany during WWII. Anyone who makes that arm gesture will be instantly accused of having the same attitudes as those attributed to the German soldiers of WWII.

The “Nazi Salute” has actually been demonized though, because is a natural motion that human bodies developed in a certain healthy way will tend to make. By discouraging people from making the “Nazi Salute” motion, those people are actually being prevented from making a natural healthy motion that relives pressure inside of the body.

And everyone knows what happens when something with pressure inside of it does not get that pressure released right? Whatever it is that has too much pressure inside blows up.

That is the goal of the Plot By Evil To Demonize The Nazi Salute. To prevent people from releasing the excess pressure inside of their body which will make them physically ill, and to make them mentally ill via the frustration they experience from stopping their own body from doing something that is healthy for it.

If the claims of this blog entry are accurate, there should be some evidence to back them up. Very clear evidence that backs up the claims of this blog entry can be found in this example picture of a young boy performing the Nazi Salute.


See this line of muscle in the chest at the front of the arm,


and this line of muscle at the back of the arm?


Those are two of the physical signs of the type of physical development that the forces behind this Plot By Evil want to stop people from gaining. Those two ridges of muscle, the sharply defined triangular shape of the armpit,


and the way the hand curves to the left at the end of the arm,


are the sign of a strong body and a strong mind.

The claim that the type of body development the forces behind this Plot By Evil want to prevent are also associated with a strong mind, can be seen in the boy’s face.

His cheeks have a very pronounced angular shape,


which gives his head an inverted triangular look.


That strong inverted triangle supports the sharply formed shape and strong lips of the mouth.


The boy’s eyes also look strongly focused,


and his eyebrows slant upwards at a large angle.


 All of those observations are associated with a strong mind. A strong mind is known for being able to strongly focus the eyes. Since the mind is located within the head, it is logical that the mind would be strong if the vessel containing it, the cheeks, the mouth, the eyes, etc, was strong.

All of the previously listed observations of the young boy support the claim his mind and body are strong and healthy. Yet most people who view the picture of the boy will automatically think bad thoughts about him because he is making “the Nazi Salute”.

All of those people have been successfully programmed by the Forces Of Evil to believe something that is bad for them. There is an increased chance they will be physically and mentally weaker throughout their lives, because they suppress their body from making an arm gesture that is healthy for them.

In addition to preventing their bodies natural urge to make the gesture, these people will also never make the gesture repeatedly like an exercise, which can be done to stimulate the type of body development associated with the natural urge to make the Nazi Salute,


which is why the gesture was originally made part of German Army military training, and is frequently seen in other types of military training,


and many other settings where strength and strong emotion is present.


This picture shows a man who looks to be intentionally making “The Nazi Salute” because he does have some feelings about that groups policies.


If the reader cannot see the difference between the previous picture of what is probably an intentional Nazi salute, and the pictures of people extending their right arm out as a healthy way to relieve pressure, the reader should consider their own experiences with pressure to help them understand the differences.

The word pressure is usually used in the context of “something being forcefully pushed”. Air pressure forcefully pushes the hand or any other body part away from it for instance. Water pressure will do the same thing as long as the pressure is strong enough.

Does the right arm of the man in the blue shirt look like it is under high pressure?


Not really. His body looks mostly extended. 

Now compare the man in the blue shirt to the young boy.


Which right arm or which overall body looks like it is under pressure, according to your own life experiences with pressure?

The body of the young boy is undeniably under more pressure than the body of the man in the blue shirt.

Looking for the bodily signs of high pressure like the ones the body of the young boy exhibits will help the individual differentiate between a right arm being extended to make a political statement, and a right arm being forced away from the body in a healthy way to relive what could be injurious high internal body pressure.

( It does need to be said that of course someone extending their right arm to make a political statement could do so forcefully as a way of emphasizing their political statement. The context of the situation should help the individual separate out those people from people who are forcefully extending their right arms to healthily relieve internal body pressure. )

Additional Examples Of Naturally Extending The Right Arm In The Way Labelled As “The Nazi Salute”:

The next picture shows a politician extending his arm in a gesture similar to the Nazi Salute.


Is the politician a bad person for extending his arm like that? Is he trying to tell people he sympathizes with the policies of a group from WWII. No he is not.

The man is trying to make a point and his natural human action accompanying the making of a verbal point is to extend his right hand outwards as he is doing in the picture.

The next politician who is raising his right arm in a way similar to the Nazi Salute.


Does that man look evil? Does he look like a bad person or someone who wants to hurt people? As some people may either guess or be familiar with, the head covering the man is wearing is associated with a religion. Does it seem likely that man associated with a popular religion would be making an evil sign? Of course not. The man is merely raising his right arm in the same way as the “Nazi Salute” because his practice of his religion has made him strong in the same way all of the other healthy examples in this post are strong.

And another politician with his right arm raised in the same way as the “Nazi Salute”.


The man in raising a glass to make a toast. Does he seem like he is making any kind of evil statement in the picture? No he does not. The reason he has his arm extended in the same manner as the “Nazi Salute” is because he is trained in Asian Kung Fu. Asian Kung Fu will develop any human body in a way which makes it natural and comfortable to extend the right arm straight out in what has been demonized as “The Nazi Salute”.

Here is another politician raising his arm in the natural way a human body does when it feels confident, strong, and victorious.

Shinzo Abe

This man is obviously not a bad person or a Nazi or anything else negative. He is a politician proclaiming his pride in front of his followers.

And another politician proclaiming his victory by raising his hand in the natural way that has been demonized as “The Nazi Salute”.


All of these normal people raising their right arm up in the same way, and all of them looking proud, strong, and confident when they do so, makes it obvious why this arm gesture had to be demonized by The Forces Of Evil…….

Anything that makes a regular human being feel strong, proud, and confident must be stamped out.

Another reason why this arm gesture is one of strength, pride, and confidence, in addition to being a sign of a strong torso as discussed earlier in the post, can be found in the raised hand of the man in the final image.


The look of the hand should seem familiar. Or it will seem familiar if you spend enough time wandering around this website.