The Energy Body Acts Like The Bumper Of A Bumper Car

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. That energy can be visualized a enclosing the entire human body like an egg,

or surrounding the entire human body like the bumper of one of the bumper cars in the following picture.

The video linked below demonstrates how the energy field of the human body can behave like the bumper on a bumper car.

A webpage duplicate of the video is provided for those who prefer reading, and for more leisurely study.


This video demonstrates one of the properties of the energy field of the human body. Here is the example human model.

 This large egg shape will represent the energy field of the human body.

 The energy field can be said to completely enclose the body, in the same manner this egg shape completely encloses the model.

 Human beings can sense energy. They will react to an incoming energy field.  Here is a second person with an energy field surrounding him.

 If one person moves towards the other,

 the stationary person will not move because the energy fields do not interact.

 When the energy field of the approaching person touches the energy field of the stationary person,

 the stationary person will move back.

 The energy field acts like a car bumper

 that prevents the physical bodies from touching.

 This reaction can be used to determine the strength of another person’s energy field. A weak person would have a small energy field.

 The approaching person can get very close to the person’s physical body before contacting the smaller energy field of the the weak person,

 causing the weak person to retreat.

 If the energy field is increased in size to represent a normal person,

 the approaching person will trigger the retreating behavior of the stationary person at a farther distance  than that of the weak person.

 A strong person would have a correspondingly large energy field.

 The approaching person would trigger the retreating behavior at an even farther distance from the physical body of the stationary man. 

 The next picture compares the distance between the physical bodies of people with two same size energy shells to either someone with a smaller energy shell and someone with a larger energy shell.



  1. Amazing work. You are a really amazing kind person and it is immensely kind of you to make blogs like this. You are my inspiration and your work really is helpful and award winning I would say. The truth is so lost and hidden away nowadays. SO MUCH of this world we live in lives with LIES. TRUTH. THAT’S WHAT YOUR TRYING TO GET OUT THERE…..(AGAIN.)….

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