An Elliptical Shape Is Found In The Energy Of The Human Body, A Single Cell, And A Magnetic Field

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body exhibits some of the same characteristics as those exhibited by electromagnetic energy. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can have an effect on other objects, just like electromagnetic energy.

There are many who doubt that claim because they do not understand how it can be possible. Energy is something that is associated with mechanical or electronic devices. Not human bodies.

 The similarity in construction between the organic cells of a human body and the magnetic field of a magnet provides a possible mechanism to describe how the human body could have energy.

The next picture shows is an example of what a magnetic field looks like.

The magnetic field is generated by a rectangular shaped magnet.

The lines leave the North pole of the magnet,

curve down along the side of the magnet towards the other end of the magnet,

where they reenter the South pole of the magnet.

A human being is a biological organism. Biological organisms are made of cells. Cells undergo various processes during their lifetime. Here is a picture of a cell undergoing a process called “Eukaryotic Cell Division”.

There are what are called “Centriole Pairs” at either end of the cell.

What are called “microtubules” connect the two centriole pairs.

You have already seen the connection haven’t you? If the Biological cell is rotated so one centriole pair rests on the ground, it looks like the magnetic field associated with a bar magnet.

The centriole pairs match the poles of the bar magnet,

and the microtubules of the Biological cell match the magnetic field lines.

It was stated at the beginning of this blog entry that there are people who do not believe there is an “energy” associated with the human body because they cannot envision how that could occur.

What if the organic cells of the human body radiate something invisible away from themselves the same way magnets radiate invisible magnetic field lines away from themselves?

They both look exactly the same……..


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