Woman Focused On Hand Shaped Root

The human body has what is commonly referred to as “energy” associated with it. The energy of the human body is invisible, it can travel across a distance, and it can cause a change in other living beings. The energy of a human being should normally be focused or centered on themselves.

It is common to hear energy described as “being put on something”. When a human being is “putting their energy on something”, either their body or some part of their body will be focused on “the something”. 

A human being might put their energy on an object because they are interested in it, because human beings sense objects with their energy the same way they sense objects with their hands or eyes.

Another reason a human being would put their energy on something would be to make whatever it was attractive to other human beings. Putting energy on an object makes it attractive to human beings because they are naturally and irresistibly attracted by energy in the same way they are attracted by flashing lights. This picture of a woman holding a root is an example of someone “putting their energy on an object”. 

There are a variety of clues that inform the knowledgeable observer this is an example of a human being putting their energy on an object. The most obvious clue involves the fact the root is the actual focus of the camera and the woman is just there to hold it. In order to get the observer to focus on the root instead of herself, the woman puts her energy on the root.

She does that by focusing her body on the root, which involves the woman holding the root at a specific horizontal distance away from her body,

a specific vertical location in relation to her body,

and a specific angle relative to her body.

The woman’s energy is fully focused on the root at it’s present location.

While the woman could still “put her energy” on the root if she held it at some other location like the one demonstrated in this picture,

only some percentage of her total energy would be put on the root. That smaller amount of energy will still draw the attention of a human being, but not as much as it would if all of the woman’s energy was being focused on the root by focusing her entire body on it.

 If a human being’s energy is not focused on themselves as is the case in this picture,

it will usually be found focused on whatever location their physical body is focused on.

An interesting phenomenon of the energy of human beings, is that when it is not focused on their body as is the case in this situation, it will usually be found to be focused on the same area that is the brightest area of the picture. The area around the root which is where the woman’s body is focused, is also the brightest area of the picture as highlighted below.

The fact the brightest area of the picture is also where the body is focused is corroborating evidence for the claim the woman’s energy is focused on the root, and supports the claim that in a photograph, the brightest area of the photograph is usually where the focal point of the energy of any human being in the picture will be found.

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