Hindu Statues Corroborate Existence Of The Health Condition Called “Anorexia Dent”

Anorexia is a health problem characterized by extreme weight loss. The following picture shows a woman whose body displays the typical changes associated with Anorexia.

The most obvious change is the development of a large depression in one side of the torso. 

That depression has been named “Anorexia Dent”, because it will always be found to some degree in the body of any Anorexic.

 Weight is always accompanied by some amount of shrinking and contracting of the body. It would be quite common to believe that shrinking and contracting occurs evenly over the entire body.

That is not the case with Anorexia. The body of an Anorexic will shrink and contract asymmetrically, which means one half of the body will shrink and contract more than the other half of the body.

Since the Anorexia Dent has appeared on the woman’s right side,

it must be the right side of her body that has shrunken more than the left side of her body.

 It could be argued the torso depression is just a temporary phenomenon, that has appeared only because the woman’s upper body has shifted over to the left.

While it is true the woman’s upper body is shifted to the left, and the depression in the right side of her torso might look smaller if she held her body erect, a depression will still be visible in the right side of her torso, even if the woman stands normally.

That statement was not made without evidence to support it. Various other changes visible in the woman’s body, corroborate the claim it has shrunken and contracted in an asymmetric manner. 

Those changes include the rotation of the woman’s head to the right,

and the tilting downwards of her head to the right.

The woman’s head would naturally rotate and tilt down to the right,

if the right side of her body was smaller than the left side of her body.

That is because a gap would be created between her head and the right side of her body, 

that her head would fall over into.

The appearance of the woman’s shoulders,

also support the claim the right side of her body is shrunken more than the left side of her body.

The woman’s right shoulder is lower than her left shoulder, 

as it should be if her right side really is shrunken smaller than her left side.

The fact the woman’s head is rotated and tilted down to the right,

and her right shoulder is lower than her left shoulder,

corroborate the claim the depression in the right side of her torso,

is the result of her right side shrinking and contracting smaller than her left side,

and not the result of her posture.

That real life example may not be enough to convince those with doubts about the the existence of Anorexia Dent. Those doubts should be eased by the discovery, that human beings have been aware of the condition that has been named “Anorexia Dent”, for hundreds of years.

Please examine this picture of four statues representing Hindu gods.

 Each of the gods have one long straight side of the body,

and one side of the body that is curved.

The torso is deeply indented on the curved side of the body of every statue.

in the same way the torso of the Anorexic is deeply indented.

The similarity between the body of the real life Anorexic and the statue of the Hindu god, make it hard to deny the existence of the health condition that has been named “Anorexia Dent”, and it proves the Hindu people of ancient India knew what an Anorexia Dent looked like, hundreds of years ago. 

It would be possible after examining the comparison picture of the Anorexic woman and the Hindu Statue,

to be confused by the claim the two bodies are similar, because the Hindu Statue has a fatty or plump look to it,

while the body of the Anorexic displays a thin and bony look.

The reason why the Hindu statue has an Anorexia Dent,

but does not resemble an Anorexic body in any other way,

is because the statues are not depicting people with Anorexia, they are depicting people with a developed Yin part of the body.

The reason the statue of a Yin developed body,

and the Anorexic with a weight loss affected body,

have a  similar looking deep depression in the side of their torso,

is because Anorexia and Anorexia Dent are both the result of an extreme and unhealthy shrinkage of the Yin part of the body,

while the statues are demonstrating a normal and healthy kind of shrinkage of the Yin part of the body.

If the body of the Hindu Statue was subjected to more shrinkage of the Yin part of it’s body, it would eventually look just like the woman with Anorexia.


  1. surely you could find a picture of someone standing straight rather than a girl in motion. than we wouldn’t have to take your word for it that the dent would still be there, we would be able to see it but as it is that girl has a one bent knee and she looks like she’s dancing. and even those godess’ are depicted in motion. please provide multiple pictures of the same person from different angles

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