Explanation Of Man’s Posture Via Cell Division – The Secrets Of Life 35

Please take a few moments to examine the following picture.

What do you think when you look at the picture? The man is a military man judging by the uniform he is wearing. The stereotypical image of a military man is a strong, cool, levelheaded man.

Doesn’t the man in the picture almost look crazy?

The man’s shoulders are raised up high close to his head.

Why are the man’s shoulders close to his head? There is nothing in the picture that provides a reason why the man’s shoulders are so high up. Don’t they look uncomfortable? The shoulders are so high it looks like the man would have a headache! Why would the man raise his shoulders, possibly causing a headache, for no apparent reason?

Both of the man’s eyes are focused upwards.

Why are the military man’s eyes focused upwards? There is nothing above his head in the picture to look at. If a survey was done asking people what kind of people focus their eyes above their heads, the most common responses would likely be “crazy people” or “religious people”.

It doesn’t seem likely the military would make a crazy man an officer. It also does not seem likely the military would hire a religious person to be a military officer. If the man is not religious, not crazy, and there is nothing above his head, what is the military man focusing his eyes on?

The man’s hands are raised up by on either side of his head.

Why are the man’s hands raised up by his head? There is nothing in the picture that the man might need to protect himself from by raising his hands. The man’s hands seem to be up by his head for no reason at all.

The man’s hands are also flexed so they have a concave shape.

Why are the man’s hands flexed into a concave shape? It requires effort to flex the hands outwards like that. It is not a comfortable position to hold the hands in. It is much more comfortable to let the hands rest in a relaxed way, usually in a claw like shape. So why would the military man expend the effort to flex his hands?

The man is flexing his hands, raising his shoulders, raising his hands, and looking upwards, because he is doing what the reader would probably call magic, and what Happeh Theory would call energy manipulation.

The man in the picture is a high level military man. This man has been trying to learn magic/energy manipulation by watching another man who can perform magic/energy manipulation. The military man is holding the exaggerated crazy looking posture he is, because it is a caracaturized or exaggerated replica of the posture the man he is copying holds when he performs magic/energy manipulation.

The man’s motivations are not the focus of this post. The focus of this post is “Why does the man’s body posture facilitate the exercise of magic/energy manipulation?”

Because the man’s posture is a posture that works with the way the human body is constructed at a basic level. It could be said that the man is changing the way he is perceived from a human body with a torso, head, two arms, and two legs, into something else.

The something else the man is transforming himself into can be explained in more than one way. Very generally, the man can be said to be transforming himself into one of the basic representations of a human being.

The reason that facilitates the exercise of magic/energy manipulation, is that human beings are irresistibly drawn towards other human beings who are presenting themselves as one of the basic representations of a human being. One of the basic representations of a human being the man is transforming himself into, is what Happeh Theory calls The Dividing Cell View of the Human Body.

According to Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, human beings evolved from a single cell floating in the ocean. According to Happeh Theory, the human body retains the characteristics of everything it has been on the path of evolution. That would mean a human body would contain one or more characteristics of a single cell or any other creature along the path of evolution.

One of the characteristics of a single cell is that to reproduce, a single cell divides itself into two new identical cells. The next picture shows an example single cell.

Then a picture of what a dividing cell looks like.

It is the shape formed by the two dividing cells that is of interest. The next picture compares the military man to the dividing cell.

Can you see the connection? The next picture shows the similarity.

The picture explains why the man flexes his hands to form a concave shape. The flexed hands follow or help to form the inside curve of the sphere of each half of the dividing cell.

The next picture completes the curves drawn next to the military man’s hands so they form a complete circle, like the circular shape of each new cell being formed by the process of cell division.

It is almost like the man’s hands are the cell nucleus isn’t it? The cell nucleus is the dark spot inside of each cell.

The next picture was used to emphasize the concave flexing of the man’s hands.

Look at the other side of the curve. The other side of the curve would match to the man’s head.

Can you see how the man’s head really does look as if the sides of it curve so they curve like the man’s hands?

The curving of the head supports the claim by Happeh Theory that the human body behaves as if it is a large dividing cell, because the shape of the man’s head is an inverse triangle like the top gap between two dividing cells is an inverted triangle.

The man is also making his body present itself as something other than The Dividing Cell of the Human Body. Something just as irresistibly fascinating to another human being as The Dividing Cell View of the Human Body is.

The military man is presenting himself as a large torus by taking the posture he has. A torus is a fancy name for a doughnut shape. The next picture shows a three quarters view of a torus.

Then a picture of the torus cut in half so a cross section of it can be seen.

The next picture has two large circles drawn on it that are centered on the man’s hands.

The two large circles look like the cross sections of a torus on either side of the center hole in the torus.

All that has to be done to create a torus shape on the picture of the military man, is to draw in the openings at the top and bottom of the two cross sections.

The torus shape shown in the picture is part of one of the basic representations of a human being. Forming that shape will help focus the attention of any human being in the man’s vicinity on him, because those other human beings will feel a torus like sensation within themselves.

Feeling a torus like sensation in that part of the body is pleasurable, because it is one of the basic shapes at the basic level of the human body. Animal instinct makes other human beings want to experience that torus shape within their body to feel pleasure, in the same way they might instinctively scratch themselves in a pleasurable way. It is something mindless that the body does of it’s own accord.

While the other human beings in his vicinity are in that mindless state of pleasure, it is easier for the military man to manipulate them mentally and energetically. The principle is similar to giving a woman alcohol so her natural inhibitions will loosen and she will be more willing to do what you want. The alert reader will instantly understand the implications of that similarity.

A human being who can put another human being into a mindless pleasurable state by holding their body in a particular posture, can make that other human being more willing to do what they want. Be it sex or some other goal. There is no need for alcohol, drugs, or other methods that require the cooperation of the victim.

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