Heterosexual And Homosexual Body Comparison 01

According to Happeh Theory, Homosexuality is associated with a variety of specific body changes that can be found to some degree in any homosexual from any ethnic group in the world. This series of blog entries presents examples of Heterosexual and Homosexual bodies to demonstrate the physical differences between the two.

The example image for this blog entry shows two Japanese men at some type of media event.


The body of the man on the right side of the image displays heterosexual characteristics,


while the body of the man on the left displays homosexual characteristics.


One of the characteristics of a heterosexual body is that it will be “grounded”, which means it is firmly planted on the ground. Homosexual bodies are “not grounded”, or not firmly planted on the ground. The example image demonstrates those characteristics of heterosexual and homosexual bodies.

The man on the right, the man stated to be heterosexual, has both feet planted on the ground, which makes him “grounded”.


The man on the left, the man identified as a homosexual,  has one of his feet up in the air, which makes him “not grounded”.


It is not relevant that the homosexual man appears to be walking forwards to join the other man. Regardless of the fact the homosexual has his right leg lifted as if walking, the leg itself still has the appearance of a “floating” or “not grounded” leg to the experienced eye.

The face of the man identified as heterosexual is mostly round and looking straight forwards.


In contrast, the face of the man identified as homosexual has a more elliptical shape,


and it is pointing off to his right.


The pointing off to the right of the head exposes the left side of the head,


which is another one of the identifying characteristics of homosexuals.

The hands of the man identified as heterosexual are clasped at approximately belly level,


while the hands of the man identified as homosexual are clasped at approximately groin level.


That identifying characteristic of homosexuals occurs because for a mental and a physical reason. The mental reason why homosexuals hold their hands near their groin is that they engage in excessive masturbation. Because their hand is at their groin so often for masturbation, they unconsciously hold their hand their all of the time. The physical reason the hands of a homosexual are often found at the groin, is because the physical changes to their bodies alters the natural way the arm hangs, which forces the hand to hang in the vicinity of the groin.

And finally, the height of the opening in the coat of the heterosexual man is a shorter height,


then the height of the opening of the coat of the homosexual man.


The reason the heterosexual man’s coat has a shorter opening is because his body is more “closed”, so his clothes mimic the behavior of his body. The homosexual man’s coat has a longer opening because the physical changes to his body make his body more “open”.

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