Jun 102012

A regular everyday house that people live in is based on the human body. A rectangular kind of house with a peaked roof like this one.

There are two main parts to the house. The rectangular walls of the house, and the pyramidal shape of the roof. The human body can similarly be separated into a rectangular section and a pyramidal section. Here is a comparison picture of a house and a human being.

The scale of the house and the man have been adjusted so that the roof of the house approximately aligns on the boundary of the man that is the inspiration for the design of this type of house.

If a person engages in various body changing exercises, their body will change so that it feels as if it can be separated into two different areas. The rectangular shaped area of the legs, and torso of the body, and the pyramidal area including the shoulder and head.

The pyramidal area of shoulders and head will become very hard and rigid. It can be described as feeling like a covering over the rectangle of the torso and legs. The same way the hard roof covers and protects the house underneath. The picture below is a close up of the human being. The exact areas of the shoulders and head are outlined in red. This is the inspiration for the roof. The green box emphasizes the resembland to a rectangular building underneath the roof.

Jun 102012

The invention of liquid thermometers was inspired by the human body. The picture below shows an example liquid thermometer.

There is a reservoir of liquid at the bottom of the thermometer.

That liquid will raise and lower to different heights within the tube above the reservoir,


depending on the temperature.

The most obvious inspiration from the human body is the male sex organ.


A thermometer looks like a male sex organ.

The mercury reservoir bulb at the bottom of the thermometer looks like the scrotum.


The glass column above the reservoir looks like the shaft of the penis above the scrotum.

The thermometer would have been based on the concept that when the penis is sexually stimulated or “hot”, it rises upwards.

The second inspiration from the human body also involves the sex organs.

Sexual stimulation can cause two areas of the back on either side of the spine,

to “rise up” in the same way that the penis rises up when it is stimulated. When these areas on the back are not being sexually stimulated, they shrink or lower the same way a penis shrinks or lowers.

The scrotum again plays the part of the mercury bulb in this example,

with the two areas on the back behaving like fluid rising up the straight section of a thermometer.

Jun 102012

Here is a picture of a kite.

The kite consists of two pieces of wood formed into a cross shape.

There is a tail hanging down from the vertical piece of wood.

The part of the human body that is the inspiration for the invention of the kite is easy to discover after examination of a picture of the human skeleton.

The vertical crosspiece of the kite corresponds to the spine,

while the horizontal crosspiece corresponds to the arms and shoulder girdle.

The tail of the kite is inspired by the tail of the human body that is composed of what the science of Physics calls “forces”. Forces are invisible so the tail of a human being cannot be seen. It can only be felt by human beings whose bodies are in a particular state of physical health. Human beings whose bodies are not in the required state of health will not be able to feel their own “force tail”.

What would be the purpose behind inventing a kite? Most human inventions based on the human body have a practical use. A kite is used for recreational purposes and has no obvious practical use. The only reason to invent a kite could have been recreational purposes, but it is a fact that almost all human recreational inventions also teach lessons to those who can see them.

One possible inspiration for the creation of a kite that flies in the sky would be to try and teach people that a strong physical body with strong “crosspieces”, a strong spine and strong arms and shoulder girdle, along with a strong “force tail”, will help them to mentally and spiritually “fly up into the sky”, or raise themselves up to higher levels of consciousness.

Readers who do not believe in “higher levels of conscious”, or “spiritual and mental uplifting”, need to know that a strong “force tail” is associated with the development of “psychic” and other abilities.

Jun 092012

This post is a followup to a post claiming the aliens designed by H R Giger in the movie “Aliens” are based on the human body.

That previous post claimed Giger created his aliens based on sensations he was receiving from his Please take a moment to examine the following Giger image showing an alien on the chest of a human being with the alien inserting a tube into the mouth of the human being.

The previous post claimed Giger based the design of that alien on sensations he was feeling from his mouth and lungs. He visualized those sensations as being caused by a creature like the one in the picture. The exact look and design of the creature are based on the exact physical sensations his body is experiencing.

What are those sensations that Giger felt that he based the alien on? They were the hyper detailed sensations of breathing.

When most people breath they feel their chest rise and perhaps other muscles move. That is all. They feel like they are sucking air into their body when their muscles expand, and they are pushing air out of their body when their muscles contract.

A human being who is hyper-aware of the sensations experiences the sensations of breathing in a more detailed way that is closer to how the act of breathing really works. The act of breathing really works by the atmosphere forcing air into the body. The entire atmosphere of the planet earth can be visualized as forcing some of itself into the lungs of the human body. In that visualization of breathing, the act of breathing is really about forcing air out of the body instead of pulling air into the body.

That description can be very hard to visualize. The following series of pictures might help with understanding the point this post is trying to make.

Please examine the following photo.

This picture shows a strongman participating in a contest whose goal is to blow up a hot water bottle as large as possible. For those readers who are not familiar with hot water bottles, the point of the competition is that hot water bottles are made from a very thick material that makes them very hard to inflate. The strength required to inflate a hot water bottle by exhaling into one is mind boggling.

When you looked at the photo of the man blowing up the water bottle, did you realize that the man and water bottle look similar to Giger’s image of the human being with an alien on his chest?

The only real difference between the two pictures is that the alien has a more complex shape than the hot water bottle,

and the man is blowing into the hot water bottle while the alien has a tube stuck into the mouth of the human being.

So the alien can be visualized as an empty bag or hot water bottle full of air,

instead of a living creature with part of itself inserted into the throat of the human being.

The sensations that Giger based the design of the alien on are the same sensations that would be experienced by the strong man if he relaxed his body and allowed the high pressure of the air in the hot water bottle to press into his mouth and lungs.

Instead of breathing feeling like the self motivated act of expanding and contracting his chest, Giger felt as if something outside of his body was forcing air into it that his body then forced out.

The author believes Giger created horrifying aliens instead of some more benign type of alien because the idea that something outside of his body and beyond his control was forcing air into his lungs and thereby keeping him alive, instead of him being completely in control of his own life giving breathing, frightened him badly.

There is also the possibility Giger realized that if something outside of his body was breathing for him, it was possible that he was merely an appendage of whatever it was that was forcing air into his lungs, instead of an autonomous thinking human being.

Jun 092012

Here is a picture of the type of alien designed by H R Giger that is the subject of this post.

Giger aliens were perhaps most well know for the unique design of their mouths. Giger aliens had a large outer mouth,

from which a smaller inner mouth would extend.

The author believes the mouths of Giger aliens were based on sensations he felt from his own mouth.

Human beings do not have a physical inner mouth with teeth that extends outwards from inside of an outer mouth. So how could H R Giger experience such sensations and then use them as the basis for the design of the mouth of his Aliens?

The sensations that Giger based the design of the inner mouth on are the result of what the science of Physics calls “forces”. Forces are invisible and can be independent of an actual physical object. What that means is that H R Giger could feel force sensations of an inner mouth extending from his actual physical mouth without there being anything physical actually extending from his mouth.

The sensations of a mouth extending from out of the actual physical mouth can be the result of a particular type of positive body changing process associated with what might be labeled “turning into a superior human being”, or they can be the result of extreme sexual activity or drug usage. 

It is most likely the cause of the sensations Giger experienced were drugs and extreme sexual activity. Evidence supporting that claim includes the following image which shows a penis extending from the mouth of an alien.

It seems reasonable to claim the mind of a person who painted a picture of an alien with a penis extending out of it’s mouth was preoccupied with sex, as the mind of someone engaged in excessive sexual activity would be.

Giger’s aliens are strongly associated with fear and paranoia. Those two emotions are common side effects of the use of drugs, which is what makes it reasonable to believe Giger was under the influence of drugs when he designed the Aliens.

The picture of the alien with a penis extending from it’s mouth could be one of the early artworks Giger created to portray the sensations he was experiencing of something protruding from his mouth.

The reason it might be an early version is that because Giger is a man, he has experienced sensations of his penis getting hard and extending outwards.  When he experienced sensations of something hard extending from his mouth, it would be perfectly natural to visualize them as a penis extending out of the mouth.

The metamorphosis of Giger’s artwork supports the claim the alien mouth was based on sensations he was experiencing from his mouth.  

The next image would be an interim image between the initial urge to portray the sensations as a penis extending from the mouth just because the sensations felt penis like, to a more realistic depiction of what the sensations felt like. 

That image shows the object extending from the aliens mouth to have changed from a penis into something more tube-like, but not into the detailed inner mouth found in the final alien image.

The sensations Giger was experiencing in his mouth can be described in two different ways. One way the way previously mentioned. The sensations can feel like something hard extending out from the mouth.

Those sensations can also be described as feeling like something reached into the mouth, grabbed ahold of something inside of the body, and pulled that something out of the body through the mouth.

The previous alien designs would have been based on interpreting the sensations as something hard extending out from the mouth.

Giger also designed another type of alien that was called a “facehugger”. That type of alien is shown in this picture. 

The author believes the facehugger alien design was based on Giger interpreting the sensations in his mouth as the result of something outside of his body reaching into his mouth, grabbing a part of the inside of his body, and then pulling that part of his body back out through his mouth.

In the movie, the legs of the facehugger alien clamped onto the victim’s head so it could not be removed.

It is also true though, that a creature that was trying to drag something out from inside of the mouth of the human victim would be able to pull harder if it’s legs were bracing themselves on the head of the victim.

The next image would be an early attempt by Giger to represent how the sensations of something reaching into his mouth to grab a part of his body and pull it back out of his mouth became stronger as his drug use and participation in excessive sex continued. 

The image shows a large alien that is braced on the upper body and neck as well as the head.   

As the sensations Giger was experiencing became stronger, the next image would have better represented what he was feeling.  

The alien is still large and braced on the neck like the previous alien, but it is much closer to the body and more focused on the head. It has moved closer to the body and focused more on the head as a reaction to it’s pulling very hard on the inside of the victim’s mouth.

The final facehugger design would be the result of the sensations Giger was feeling reaching their strongest. 

The alien is pulling so hard on the inside of Giger’s mouth that it’s body is pulled towards Giger’s face,

and even shrinks it’s own body until it is only as big as it’s human victim’s head.