A Strong Body Pyramid Is Associated With A Strong Third Eye

This picture shows a stylized representation of a elderly skilled swordsman from a Japanese Anime cartoon.

A pyramid shape can be created using the outermost point of the shoulders as the base and the upward slope of the shoulders as the sides.

A similar pyramid can be created using the collar bones as a base and the slope of the trapezius muscles as the sides.

The way the head of the character is drawn makes it look like it is centered on the peak of the collar bone pyramid,

instead of sitting on the usual type of neck that is mostly under the head.

The peak of the pyramid that the head looks like it is balanced on,

is locatedĀ approximately where the third eye of a human being is claimed to be.

It seems reasonable to believe that if the pyramid within the human body was developed and strengthened,

that process would also develop and strengthen the third eye,

since the peak of the pyramid is located at approximately the same location as the third eye,

and also because a pyramid with the same orientation and in the same area can be created using the two normal eyes as the base, and the third eye as the peak of the pyramid.

The third eye of a human being is traditionally associated with the development of mystical powers.

If that were true, it seems like one way to obtain mystical powers would be to develop and strengthen the pyramid within the body, which would in turn strengthen the third eye and the mystical powers claimed to be associated with it.

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