Why Do People In Ancient Egyptian Art Only Have One Eye?

According to Happeh Theory the ancient Egyptians understood how the human body was constructed and behaved at a deep level. According to Happeh Theory, various artifacts and creations of ancient Egyptian culture demonstrates their knowledge of the deep level construction and behavior of the human body.

One of those creations is a style of painting or drawing that shows people with only one eye visible.

According to Happeh Theory, the human body can change in a way that makes it behave as if only has one eye. An example of such a changed human body is shown in this picture.

The man has two eyes and both of them can be seen. The impression given by the picture though is that the man is looking mainly or only out of his left eye. 

The example man looks almost exactly like the man with one eye in the ancient Egyptian artwork.

It could be argued the one eyed look of the man in the ancient Egyptian artwork was because the picture is a profile view, which really does show only one eye as highlighted in this picture.

That argument does not seem valid though if the a profile view of the human head is compared to the Egyptian artwork.

The profile picture of the man shows only a small side view of the eye,

while the Egyptian artwork shows a full eye with a complete pupil

Does it really seem believable that the ancient Egyptian people were unable to draw a partial eye like the one in the profile view of the real man on their artwork?

Or is it more likely they drew a full complete eye with a full pupil on their artwork for a reason?

According to Happeh Theory, the eyes of the ancient Egyptian man portrayed in the drawings were purposefully drawn with a complete and full look on a profile view of the head, because it represented a certain type of actual human being who tends to look out of only one eye in their daily life.

A few more examples of human beings whose bodies are changed in the way that makes a human being tend to look out of one eye follow, to show how prevalent one eyed behaving human beings are in society, and to reinforce how much those types of human beings look like the one eyed people in ancient Egyptian artwork.

The man in this picture, 

obviously has two eyes,

but the picture gives the impression that he only has one eye.

The man looks similar to the Egyptian artwork showing a person with one eye.

The woman in this picture,

obviously has two eyes,

but the picture gives the impression she only has one eye.

 The woman looks similar to the Egyptian artwork of a one eyed person.

The man in this picture,

does have two eyes,

but the picture gives the impression he has only one eye.

 The man resembles the one eyed man in the Egyptian artwork.

The condition of behaving as if looking out of only one eye is referred to as “Big Eye Syndrome”. Big Eye Syndrome can be caused by Masturbation, Excessive Sex, Excessive Exercise, Snorting of Drugs, Injection of Drugs, Homosexuality, Youth, Old Age, Analytical Thought, or Anorexia.

This example can be used to compare the difference between a human being with Big Eye Syndrome and a relatively normal human being, because the example image was only part of the larger image shown below.

The “focusing out of one eye” look of the man,

to completely different from the “looking out of both eyes evenly” appearance of the woman.

The man in this picture,


has two eyes like every human being does,

but the picture gives the impression he is looking out of only one eye.

This man too resembles the Egyptian artwork showning a one eyed person.

And finally to show how Big Eye Syndrome can affect a human body at any age, the young man shown in this picture,

does have two eyes,

but the picture gives the impression he is looking out of only one eye.

His appearance also resembles the one eyed person shown in the Egyptain artwork. 


  1. Could it perhaps be that the eye is representing something higher, and has a higher symbolic meaning?. The only eye that sees everything.

  2. -___- seriously… this is indeed the dumbest theory EVER
    ”the man has two eyes, but has one eye and looks almost exactly the same as the egyptian guy” NO they are NOT almost exactly the same

  3. I read somewhere that the faces had the forward facing eye, as well as other flattened proportions, because the artists wanted to capture every aspect of the subject, so that they would be “complete” in the afterlife. The Egyptians had very intimate knowledge of the human facial structure, so they had the capability to do anatomically correct Drawings. as Hrases said, it has a symbolic meaning.

  4. I’ve been told in my art history classes that it is because they were trying to portray a 3d picture on a 2d surface. They didn’t want to show part of the eye, they wanted to show the whole picture. That is also why their feet look weird. Another reason is they did not fully understand perspective. Their statues were realistic, but creating realistic 2d pictures is completely different.

    1. It’s really because you’re supposed to be looking at the person from the side. So the person still has 2 eyes, it just doesn’t look like it. And your reasoning too, Krista.

  5. You do realize this is just the angle of their heads, right…
    Literally the only example of a ‘normal person’ is someone facing the camera fully, rather than three-quarters of the way. It’s just the angle; it creates a sense of distance between the eyes because one is closer to the camera than the other. Do yer research next time, ya idjit.

    Also…what the hell?

    First of all…drugs, which have a physical effect on the body, exercise, which has an effect, anorexia and age have literally nothing to do with one’s sexual habits, orientation or thought processes. Thoughts and sex lives have literally nothing to do with physical appearance to the affect of PHYSICAL FEATURES. It DOES NOT HAPPEN. Furthermore, homosexual people come in the same variety as regular people, as do the young and the old. You don’t know people’s sex lives or habits, and it’s all too easy to make it up anyway. Analytical thoughts come to everyone. Analyzing patterns and such is literally how the human brain works. Your theory is too general; it has no distinguishing characteristics that would make it valid by not basically including the entirety of the human race. There’s an elegant study I read, a scientific journal article on cults actually, that labels such wide-ranging theories as illegitimate precisely because they have no real meaning; if it’s true for everyone every time but or sometimes not with no observable reason why, you have the wrong determinants. In comparison, every person with your “Big Eye Syndrome” has their head turned somewhat away from the camera. Perhaps that’s the distinguisher you need. And so I’ll reiterate. Do yer damn research, ya idjits!

    1. “anorexia and age have literally nothing to do with one’s sexual habits, orientation or thought processes.”

      Anorexia and age absolutely DO have an effect on the thought processes of any human being.

      “Thoughts and sex lives have literally nothing to do with physical appearance to the affect of PHYSICAL FEATURES.”

      Sexual activity and how it is engaged in absolutely DOES have an affect on the physical appearance of any human being.

  6. Man i have been a victim of this happeh i cant believe it

    The people up top push the people down low

    Henry Ford’s The International Jew
    Is the book people need to read

    Shit man

  7. Happeh does the energy body which is affected by these activities masturbation excessive sex and exerciise etc. Cause the human body to shrink and tighten just only because of the force body /energy body?

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