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Please examine the following three pictures.

Each picture has one distinctive thing in common. There is a large circular object on top of the heads of at least one of the people in the picture.

The circular object is held within a U shaped object.

The upright parts of the U resemble the horns of an animal.

An interesting observation can be made about the U shaped construction using The Wave View of the Human Body, which is one of the theoretical models of the human body created for Happeh Theory.

According to The Wave View of the Human Body, a human body is created from waves. Those waves travel all over the body in many different directions. The next picture shows an example wave.

Two of the more obvious wave shapes found in the human body are outlined in the next picture.

The outline of the arm from the shoulder to the hand forms a wave shape, and the outline of the side of the body from the feet to the top of the head forms a wave shape.

The Wave View of the Human Body does not apply to just the visible outer part of the body. The entire body including the internal part of the body is also composed of waves. The line on the next picture follows the path of one of the internal waves of the human body.

The next picture includes the wave on the opposite side of the body .

The picture of the human body with these two particular waves outlined on it is very interesting because the shape formed by the two waves looks like a DNA helix, the material that is said to determine how the human body is constructed at the genetic level. The following picture shows some computer renderings of what a DNA molecule is supposed to look like.

The next picture compares a hand drawn DNA helix to the picture of the human body with two wave shapes on it.

( The DNA helix, which is a three dimensional structure, looks like two waves from a perpendicular viewpoint. )

The only real difference between the two waves on the body and the two waves of the DNA helix, is that the waves on the DNA helix are regular, while the distance between the waves on the human body vary as they travel from longer to shorter parts of the body.

According to Happeh Theory, there are no coincidences. It cannot be a coincidence that the DNA helix looks like it is made from two waves, and the human body that is built with instructions from a DNA molecule is built from wave shapes.

The next picture shows the same two internal waves drawn on the human body as before, with the slight modification of extending each one above the head by a short distance.

The shape created by extending the waves above the head looks like the letter “U”. That is interesting because the pictures of the ancient Egyptians all show a U shaped structure extending above their heads.

Since there are no coincidences, there must be some reason why the strange object on the top of the heads of the ancient Egyptians, has the same U shape created by extending a particular set of internal wave shapes of the human body above the head.

What could that reason be?

According to Happeh Theory, the ancient Egyptians were aware of every aspect of the human body and it’s ability to develop or evolve into something much superior to the type of human being most people are familiar with. That would include knowledge of the energy of the human body.

According to Happeh Theory, the circular object above the heads of the ancient Egyptians is a representation of the energy that can emerge or be emitted by a human being who has evolved or developed in the way necessary to strongly develop the energy of the human body.

The U shaped object can be thought of as doors that open to either side to allow the circle in the center to emerge and to then support the circle in that position.

Imaginative readers will benefit from examining this picture.

That picture is of a creature from a cartoon. The relevant thing to note is the top of the creatures head. There is a circle in the center,

with a U shaped structure around it.

The creatures head looks like a three dimensional version of the heads of the ancient Egyptians.

The look of the creature in the cartoon is supposed to represent the ultimate form of that creature.

Is it a coincidence that the top of the head of the ultimate form of a creature created for a cartoon in the 1990’s, has the same look as the top of the heads of ancient Egyptians from hundreds of years ago? Which is a look Happeh Theory claims represents the energy associated with an evolved or ultimate form of the human body?

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