Do Human Beings Really Have A Third Eye?

The picture below shows one of the Great Pyramids of Egypt.

The next image is a close up of the Pyramid found on the back of an American one dollar bill.

There is an eye in the upper part of the Pyramid.

According to Happeh Theory, the human body behaves as if their is a Pyramid inside of it, located approximately as shown in this picture.

The next picture compares The Pyramid View of the Human Body to the Pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill.

The eye in the upper part of the pyramid on the dollar bill would be located in the head of a human body as highlighted in the next image.

The next picture shows a man with the pyramid from the one dollar bill superimposed on it in such a way that the base of the pyramid rests on the man’s shoulders and the peak of the pyramid stops at the top of the man’s forehead.

The eye of the pyramid is located approximately in the center of the man’s forehead.

If the pyramid is removed from the picture, a raised up area on the man’s forehead can be seen at the same location as the eye on the Pyramid was at.

The raised up area has an eye like shape,

the depression in the middle of the raised up area looks like the pupil of an eye,

and the upper raised up area on the forehead looks like an eyebrow.

Is it a coincidence there is an eye shaped raised up area on the example man’s forehead at approximately the same level there is an eye on the pyramid on the back of the one dollar bill?

Or did the people who designed the one dollar bill put that eye in the upper part of the pyramid because they knew the human body can behave like a pyramid, and because they knew that human beings have a third eye?

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