Americans In The Years Before 1960 Knew About The Human Body Pyramid

According to Happeh Theory, the human body can behave as if it is a large pyramid. That knowledge has been known to various human cultures throughout the history of humanity. The development and strengthening of the human body pyramid will make any human being both mentally and physically strong in a particular way.

Human beings who are unaware of the pyramid within their body or those who have a weak human body pyramid are comparatively mentally and physically weaker than human beings who have a strong body pyramid.

Like most information, knowledge of the pyramid associated with the human body can be used for good or evil.

It is the position of the author that evil people who know that a strong human body pyramid makes a person physically and mentally strong have purposefully erased or hidden that knowledge from certain groups in order to make the members of those groups physically and mentally weak. The purpose being to make those physically and mentally weak people easy to control.

One of the groups who have had this knowledge hidden or devalued are the American people. The American people have been led to believe that any connection between pyramids and the human body either superstition, or a conspiracy theory associated with people who are mentally feeble.

Evidence for that conclusion comes from observable differences in the bodies of human beings of the modern era and human beings from earlier eras, before knowledge about the human body pyramid was hidden and devalued.

Because the camera is a recent invention, only human bodies from the last 100 years or so are available. Comparison of photos of Americans from the 1900’s to the present day show clear and undeniable differences between the bodies of early Americans and modern Americans. Those differences can be attributed to a degradation or weakening of the pyramid within the body of the average American

Between 1900 and 1950 or so there was relatively little degradation of the bodies of the average American. American people during those five decades all have a similar strong look associated with a strong body pyramid.

Although there is evidence suggesting the campaign to remove knowledge of the human body pyramid from the minds of the American public began in the 1920’s, it is not until the 1960’s and 1970’s that the average American body began to display signs of a weak body pyramid.

The following example picture supports the previous statements. The picture shows a man from a movie made in the 1960’s.

The man in the picture has a strong body pyramid. What is it about the man’s appearance that suggests he has a strong body pyramid?

The observation the author is focused on can be found on the man’s forehead. Before having it pointed out for you, take a moment yourself to try and find anything on the man’s forehead that would be related to a pyramid

There is an upside down triangular shape on the man’s forehead.

Here is a closeup of the forehead. The lines on the forehead should be more visible.

For the lines forming the triangular shape to be so clear, the flesh and musculature of the head would have had to have been subjected to strong forces.

It is the strong pyramid within the man’s body that has created those forces.

The triangle on the man’s forehead, and the details of the rest of his appearance, is evidence that Americans before 1960 knew about the human body pyramid.

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