Here is a picture of a kite.

The kite consists of two pieces of wood formed into a cross shape.

There is a tail hanging down from the vertical piece of wood.

The part of the human body that is the inspiration for the invention of the kite is easy to discover after examination of a picture of the human skeleton.

The vertical crosspiece of the kite corresponds to the spine,

while the horizontal crosspiece corresponds to the arms and shoulder girdle.

The tail of the kite is inspired by the tail of the human body that is composed of what the science of Physics calls “forces”. Forces are invisible so the tail of a human being cannot be seen. It can only be felt by human beings whose bodies are in a particular state of physical health. Human beings whose bodies are not in the required state of health will not be able to feel their own “force tail”.

What would be the purpose behind inventing a kite? Most human inventions based on the human body have a practical use. A kite is used for recreational purposes and has no obvious practical use. The only reason to invent a kite could have been recreational purposes, but it is a fact that almost all human recreational inventions also teach lessons to those who can see them.

One possible inspiration for the creation of a kite that flies in the sky would be to try and teach people that a strong physical body with strong “crosspieces”, a strong spine and strong arms and shoulder girdle, along with a strong “force tail”, will help them to mentally and spiritually “fly up into the sky”, or raise themselves up to higher levels of consciousness.

Readers who do not believe in “higher levels of conscious”, or “spiritual and mental uplifting”, need to know that a strong “force tail” is associated with the development of “psychic” and other abilities.

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