The Toga

The toga is an article of clothing that hangs on the body like a robe. The difference between a robe and a toga is a toga is wrapped around the body in a distinctive way as shown in this picture.

A toga is wrapped from under the right arm,

up and over to the left side of the body,

where it hangs on the left shoulder.

The right shoulder and arm and not covered by the toga.

The Toga was not part of some fashion trend created by clothing designers. The design of the Toga is based on the human body.

The human body produces different sensations depending on how it is developed. The ancient Greek people had bodies that were developed in such a way that they felt like a Toga looks.

Their bodies felt like something inside of it was wrapping from under the right arm over to the left side of the body. Their right shoulders felt as if they were isolated and not covered by whatever it was that felt like it was wrapping from the right side of their body over to the left side of their body.

 The way in which the bodies of the ancient Greeks were changed was not something that was unique to ancient Greek culture. A basic human body from ancient times is the same basic human body available in modern times. A modern human body can also change so that it produces the same sensations the ancient Greeks experienced.

There are a variety of activities that can cause a human body to produce the sensations that led to the creation of the Toga. Masturbation, Excessive Sexual Activity, Homosexuality, and Excessive Exercise are all associated with the type of body change that Toga is meant to mimic.

It does not seem like it can be a coincidence that homosexuality is associated with the body changes a Toga is meant to mimic, and ancient Greek culture is historically infamous for homosexuality.

This picture shows a real human being wearing a simple toga.

This toga is not wrapped around the body like the toga in the drawing.

The real man’s toga is tied at the left shoulder,

and hangs down to the right side of the body.

The real toga picture is interesting in light of the previously listed activities that cause the bodily sensations that the Toga is meant to mimic.

The man is holding his right hand,

as if he was holding his penis to perform masturbation,

and masturbation is one of the activities that can cause the sensations the design of the Toga is meant to mimic.

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