The Cyclops

A Cyclops is a mythical creature with one eye.

There are more than one possible inspiration for the invention of the Cyclops. One possible inspiration is the way a human being whose body has been changed in a certain way behaves. Even though the human being has two eyes, they will tend to focus out of only one eye like the individual in this picture.

Whoever it was that created the legend of the Cyclops noticed that other members of the group he was a part of looked like the individual above. The reason a Cyclops is described as a monster is because the creator of the Cyclops legend noticed unpleasant mental and behavioral changes in the individuals who only focused out of one eye. 

 The legend of the Cyclops could be thought of as a warning. It is warning whoever hears it that any human being who tends to focus out of one eye like the individual in the example picture, would have a tendency to engage in unpleasant or “monster like” behavior.

Why do some human beings behave as if they are looking out of only one eye?

A human being might display the tendency to look out of one eye for reasons of birth. There are activities though that can cause the development of a tendency to look out of one eye.

Masturbation, Excessive Sexual Activity, Homosexuality, Excessive Exercise, Injection Of Drugs, Snorting Of Drugs, Youth, Old Age, Analytical Thought, and Anorexia, are all associated with the tendency to focus out of only one eye.

Individuals with Youth associated Cyclops Eye will usually grow out of that condition as they age into adulthood.

The likely cause of Cyclops Eye in the example picture is Homosexuality.

The second possible inspiration for the creation of the Cyclops legend is that even though a human being has two eyes in their head,

they will tend to move their head as if they have one large eye in the center of their head.

That image can be admittedly hard to visualize. Try imagining the human head in the picture above looking exactly like this real life Cyclops animal.

Or maybe a side by side comparison could be helpful.

It is hard to see this Cyclops eye in a normal human body because it is in the center of the normal two eyes. Anyone observing the movements of a normal human body would only see the head moving to aim both normal eyes.

This type of Cyclops eye is much easier to see in an unhealthy human body because the Cyclops Eye points in a different direction than the two normal eyes.

For example. If the Cyclops Eye points to the right side of the head, when the affected individual sees something of interest, an observer will see the affected individual aim the right side of the head at the object of interest, like this individual is aiming the right side of their head at the interesting camera,

instead of aiming the center of the head at the object of interest like the woman in this picture is aiming the center of her face at the interesting camera.


  1. I cant seem to picture her looking out of one eye yet the homosexuals right eye seems closer to the lens whereas the woman’s eye seems centered to the lens with no sudden movements related to awe ,jubilance,pain, guilt, or despair?

    1. By making the body asymmetric. One side of the body will shrink smaller than the other side of the body. That shrinkage of one side of the body causes the body to turn or rotate towards the shrunken side, which brings one eye more forwards of the other eye.

      It is trivial to prove this assertion. There are many examples of the phenomenon on this website. Anyone who peruses 50 or more photographs showing human beings with one eye seeming to protrude out in front of the other eye would have to provide some other believable explanation for why all of those eyes are protruding forwards in order to disprove the claim of this blog that the protruding eyes are the result of homosexuality and/or masturbation.

      And claiming, “those people just look that way” is not a believable explanation.

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