The Round Personal Combat War Shield

This picture shows a Round Personal Combat War Shield.

The Round Shield is based on the construction of the chest area of the human body. The human body in approximately the area circled in this picture,

is one large spiral. Those spirals can be visualized as looking like the coiled up snake in this picture.

This picture superimposes the spiral shape of the coiled up snake on the chest of the human body model to help with visualizing how the spiral inside of the chest area looks.

And then a close up of one side of the chest for even more clarity.

The coiled up snake body has an overall circular shape.

If the lines in between the coils of the snake body are ignored, the coiled up snake looks like a solid circle.

This picture compares the solid circle of the Round Shield to the coiled up snake body.

It is that solid appearance and behavior of the spiral in the chest area that was the inspiration for creating a Round Shield. The image of the shield is placed over the chest area of the model human body in this picture.

Those shields on the chest look almost exactly like a warrior holding the shield for use.

That similarity supports the claim the Round Shield was based on a spiral located inside of the chest of the human body.

It is interesting to note that the decorative lines on the Round Shield look like the lines between the coils of the coiled up snake.

Is that a coincidence? Or is it a sign that the creator of that particular shield knew the round shield was meant to mimic the circular shape of the spiral within the chest of the human body?

(Wing Chun Punch Inspired)

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