The Pogo Stick

Here is a picture of a pogo stick.

According to Happeh Theory, the basis for the invention of the pogo stick was the way homosexuals walk. The bodies of homosexuals will change in a way that makes them walk like a pogo stick moves.

The human body can be changed in the way being described by activities other than homosexuality. Masturbation, Excessive Sexual Activity, Excessive Exercise, Injection Of Drugs, Snorting Of Drugs, Youth, Old Age, and Anorexia are all associated with walking the way a pogo stick moves

The reason homosexuality and not one of those other activities is claimed to be the inspiration for the invention of the pogo stick, is that homosexuals are more readily identifiable than Masturbation or Excessive Sexual Activity.

The creator of the pogo stick who had noticed people moving like a pogo stick, would also have noticed that some large number of those people were homosexuals. It would then be natural to associate homosexuality with moving like a pogo stick.

Why do homosexuals walk like a pogo stick moves?

The human body is designed with two identical halves that balance each other. The body of a homosexuals will be unbalanced with one side shorter than the other. The leg on the shorter side of the body will be the one that acts like a pogo stick.

A human being whose body has been changed in the way described will jam the leg on the short side of the body into the ground. The rest of the body then uses that leg as a brace to swing the other half of the body forwards. The movement is very similar to how someone using crutches moves.   

A pogo stick can act as a diagnostic device to ascertain who is likely to move like a pogo stick. When a person who is balanced uses a pogo stick, the pogo stick will stay mostly level like the one in this picture.

The fact the man is mostly level on the pogo stick means he probably walks using both legs in a balanced way.

This picture shows a boy on a pogo stick.

His body is leaning back to his left.

The fact that his body is unbalanced back to the left on the pogo stick means he will be likely to walk like a pogo stick moves. He will jam his right leg into the ground and use it to swing the left side of his body forwards.

The next example picture shows a boy who is extremely unbalanced on a pogo stick.

The pogo stick slants off to his right instead of being in the center of his body.

The pogo stick is slanting to the right because the boys body is weak and undeveloped or shrunken within the area circled in this picture.

One of the clues pointing to weakness in that area other than the pogo stick leaning to the right is the boy’s head. His head is hanging 

His head is hanging downwards because part of the head is within the circle highlight the weakened part of his body. 

The weak right side of the body will be unable to move the boy’s right leg normally. That will give him the tendency to jam his right leg into the ground,

and use it as a brace to swing the left side of his body forwards,

as if his right leg was a pogo stick that the left side of his body was riding around on. 

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