The African Talking Drum

The picture below shows an African Talking Drum.

The inspiration for the creation of the talking drum was to create a drum that was comfortable to play for homosexual men,

or men whose bodies change in a way similar to those of homosexual men for other reasons.

Here is a picture of a drum called a Djembe.


The Djembe drum was designed to be played by human beings with equal length arms. It is held between the legs while seated so the distance to the drum head is the same for both arms.


See how the homosexual has one arm up in the air?

The body of a homosexual man changes so one arm behaves as if it is shorter than the other. It is that uncontrollable urge of the homosexual body that the talking drum was invented for.

Here is a picture of a man playing a talking drum.

His left arm looks extremely short as it holds the drum under his armpit.


Although the right arm of the homosexual is not visible, his uplifted left arm looks like the uplifted left arm of the man playing the talking drum.

The left arm of the man holding the talking drum is behaving as if it is only as long as the distance from the shoulder to the armpit, because the drum is being held in the armpit.


The right hand looks much longer because it has to reach across the body to get to the drum.

The talking drum does not have to be played while holding it in the armpit. The next picture shows a man holding a talking drum down at the side of this body. 


Even with the change in the holding position of the talking drum, the player still appears to have one long arm and one short arm. With the drum held at the side of the body it is the right arm that looks short,

and the left arm that looks long.

Homosexuality and other phenomenon do not actually shrink the length of one arm. The shortness is a both a visual illusion and a description of how one of the arms behaves. One of the arms will behave as if it is shorter, which creates the illusion the arm really is shorter.

Although the talking drum was invented for homosexuals or other people with similar body changes, it can be played by anyone.You can see in this photo that the talking drum can be held like a Djembe so the distance to the playing surface is the same for both arms.