Wide Screen Monitors Are A Plot By Evil

Widescreen monitors are a Plot By Evil to weaken human beings by emphasizing the animal nature of their body.

( Important!: When reading the following post it is extremely important to keep in mind that there are human beings who are naturally more animal like. That is a factual description. It is not a judgmental or derogatory description.

For more animal like human beings a Wide Screen monitor is actually more comfortable to view, and a better fit for the physical characteristics of their body that make them more animal like, one of which is a wider Field of View.

The intended victims of this particular Plot By Evil are human beings who either naturally live more in the human or higher intellectual part of their body, or who desire to turn themselves into human beings who live dominantly in the more human, higher intellectual parts of their body. )

It sounds odd to see a claim that Wide Screen monitors could be a Plot By Evil. The first fact you might want to consider in determining if you believe that claim, is that Wide Screen monitors are a recent invention. Televisions and Computer monitors were manufactured for decades with a mostly square aspect ratio like the one in the following picture.

It seems like common sense that some scientists must have determined back then that mostly square aspect ratio screens were good for people. If mostly square aspect ratio screens were good for people when monitors were first invented, why did someone apparently responding to a need that did not exist, create Wide Screen televisions and monitors?

It is the position of this author the reason was because Wide Screen monitors further the goals of The Forces Of Evil, which are to make human beings weak and easy to control. It took some time for Evil to gain control of the manufacturing of Televisions and Computer Screens, which explains why Televisions and Computer screens were square ratio for so much of their early history. They were being designed by scientists to fit scientific criteria. Their design was not being dictated by some group with a political goal.

How do Wide Screen monitors weaken a human being?

Human beings can generally be classified into animal like human beings or more intellectual human beings. That classification is not dependent on education. It is a factor of the type of body a particular human being has. Intellectual human being are associated with one set of observable body characteristics, while animal like human beings are associated with a different set of body characteristics.

Wide Screen monitors emphasize or bring out the animal like characteristics of any human being using them.

An animal like human being is like an animal. Animals are mostly easy to control. Ask any goat herder, sheep herder, or cattle farmer. They can make goat, sheep, or cows do anything they want them to do.

Therefore, Wide Screen monitors are a Plot By Evil, because they give anyone who uses them the tendency to become more animal like, which in turn makes them more likely to be easily controllable and respond obediently, like an animal does.

It would be natural for the reader to doubt this claim. They probably have never heard of it before, and they are wondering how just looking at a monitor can make them more animal like. The next picture shows a human being sitting straight up and down. That posture would be the posture inspired by or instilled by a Square Aspect Ratio Monitor.

The next picture shows another woman sitting up straight with guidelines drawn to help the reader ascertain the position of the various parts of her body.

Because Wide Screen monitors are short and wide, the head unconsciously tries to mimic them. The head will unconsciously drop down low while the eyes spread outwards to encompass the entire screen. The next picture shows the first woman with her head slumped over in the way a Wide Screen monitor will induce a human being to sit.

Then a picture of the woman with the lines superimposed on her slouching like she was sitting in front of a Wide Screen monitor.

That is how an animal looks. A four legged animal’s head is low to the ground and they can see a wide area to either side of their head.

If you have a monitor that rotates, you can show yourself why square aspect ratios are for intelligent human beings. Swivel your monitor around so it is now taller than it is wide.

Because the monitor is tall, your body will unconsciously sit up straight and high to mimic the monitor. Your eyes will pull inwards because they can focus better on the more narrow display that way.

The effects of Wide Screen monitors and Square Aspect Ratio monitors does not just affect the posture of the body. It affects the quality of the intelligence and the quality of the thought of a human being. A human being who is low to the ground will have low, animal like thoughts.

Only a human being who stands up straight and tall can have straight and tall thoughts that rise up into the heavens to take them to places they cannot imagine.

If you want to be and stay intelligent, buy a square aspect monitor.Wide Screen monitors will slowly leach your intelligence away and make you alligator or turtle like. An animal with it’s head close to the ground, thinking animal like thoughts.

The next series of pictures should help make the point of this blog post more strongly. Here is a picture of a human being with a tall head.

An arrow is added to make certain there is no mistake the man’s head is tall.

The next picture compares the tall head of the example man to a Square Aspect Ratio monitor.

See how the taller Square Aspect Ratio monitor mostly matches the tall head of the man?

Now look at a comparison picture of the man with the tall head and a wide screen monitor.

The head of the man is much taller than the height of the wide screen monitor.

The next picture emphasizes how there is a big chunk on top of the man’s head that is up above the Wide Screen monitor.

Doesn’t that mismatch between the height of the head and the height of the monitor look wrong? Doesn’t it seem like the man would need to look down at the monitor that is shorter than his head, and probably get a neck ache or something if he did?

Here is a picture of a man with a short head.

Then a comparison picture between the short head man and the tall head man.

The short head man’s head is short because it is round, while the tall man’s head is tall because it is more elliptically shaped.

Next is a picture comparing the tall Square Aspect Ratio monitor to the short head man’s head. Lines emphasize how the monitor is taller than the short head man’s head.

Then a picture comparing the short head man with a wide screen monitor. A line highlights how the top of the short man’s head and the top of the wide screen monitor are almost the same.

Doesn’t it look like the short head man would be more comfortable with a monitor that was as tall as his head? He doesn’t have to look up like he would at a tall monitor.

!!!!!( It is very important to note that an argument can be made that Wide Screen monitors were invented to provide comfortable displays for animal like human beings. )


  1. http://www.widescreen.org/widescreen_academy.shtml

    Do you have any scientific evidence to support your claims or is it all just arbitrary nonsense? Monitors and televisions come in all shapes and sizes Movies have been made in “scope” and “flat” formats for over half a century. Just as blueray beat HD DVD as the new media form for movies, 16:9 beat out 4:3 because of the fact that most movies in the past 40 years or so were shot in 19:9 and adapted to 4:3, thus cutting off the right and left sides of the movie.

    1. I don’t know if you realize it, but your request for “scientific proof” is just the same as requesting the Forces Of Evil “to tell the truth”.

      How likely do you think that is?

    2. Relax, it’s not like he is forcing this upon you to believe it. I’m assuming it’s theoretical if best. Also, why is it that the first response to any claim is always a “scientific proof”, sure that can certainly explain many things but let’s not forget that science is trial and error and as it can get one theory right it can flat out be wrong with another one and this has happened over and over in history. Logic and science are not the same although they can be used together to make sense of the world. Logic provides us a “legend” as to how we should approach a new found knowledge and processes of data. Did you know however being logical is different in many countries, and thus shaping our consciousness and view of the world as well as how we experience external stimuli. Lol I’m ranting anyways I’m not against you or for yo just simply putting out there my theory.

  2. does no one realize that this is a troll website?? this is the stupidest shit ive ever come across, if you even question whether or not this is real i feel very sorry for you.

    1. This is not a troll site.

      If you do not understand what is written, are you certain it is the material and not you that is the problem?

  3. Hi there
    I am wondering where you find information like ‘evil gained control of the monitor industry”?
    I have seen what you say on other forums and have found it to be the most accurate, relevant, and useful information on the Internet.
    If you had an opinion or something to say on an event that is controversially debated such as 9/11 I would be curious what you had to say
    Or if you would rather not out right say on this site how and where I would start to do the research that has led you to your conclusions?

  4. Widescreen 16:9 = 1:1.78 is much closer to the “golden ratio” of about 1.6:1 .
    What do you have to say about this, widescreen just looks better, what about just putting you chair a little bit down so you dont have to slouch. This is really stupid, where did you get this from???

    1. There is no concern with widescreen ratio or the golden ratio. The concern being proposed is to do with trying to focus on a light that is wide as opposed to tall. I can tell from experience this is true, however I would like to better understand why.

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