Tight Fitting Clothes Are A Plot By Evil

Tight fitting clothes are a Plot By Evil to make human beings weak and easy to control by interfering with the development of the Yin part of the body.

According to Yin Yang Theory, everything in the universe including the human body can be described in terms of Yin and Yang. Yin is usually described as soft, while Yang is usually described as hard.

A healthy human being in Yin Yang terms is a human being who has a strong Yin part of the body. A strong Yin part of the body is associated with both physical and mental strength.

A developed Yin part of the body will produce certain sensations that were the original inspiration for the invention of loose clothing. Those sensations feel like cloth sliding over the bones of the skeleton.

The people of most older human cultures traditionally wore loose fitting clothing because they were fully aware of the Yin part of the body. Their clothing was a duplicate of sensations they could feel within their bodies. 

Arabic culture for instance has been in existence for thousands of years. This picture shows Arabic men wearing traditional clothing that is loose fitting and billows about the body.


Black African cultures are also said to be thousands of years old. The next picture shows two people traditional African clothing which is loose fitting and billows about the body .


Chinese culture is supposed to be thousands of years old. This picture shows traditional Chinese Kung Fu clothing that is loose fitting and can flow around the body.

The Japanese also have a culture dating back thousands of years ago. This picture shows a man in traditional Japanese clothing that is loose fitting and can flow about the body.


Tight fitting clothes interfere with or prevent the development of the Yin part of the body by constricting the body. Not only do tight clothes not mimic the feeling of the Yin part of the body flowing over the bones of the skeleton, they actively prevent the development and feeling of those sensations through constriction of the body.

The next picture shows a man in a typical western suit. 


Those tight fitting clothes cannot shift and slide over the man’s body. This man is never going to feel Yin similar sensations from that tight clothing. The clothing cannot shift and slide over the exterior of the body in a way similar to how the Yin part of the body feels like it shifts and slides over the bones of the skeleton.

The inwards pointing arrows in the next picture emphasize the inwards constriction of the body by the tight clothes.

The physical weakness that results from a weakly develped Yin part of the body means these individuals cannot resist being physically possessed and controlled. The mental weakness resulting from a weakly developed Yin part of the body will make them mostly uncaring about being controlled mind and body

A modern day individual who is interested in developing the Yin part of their body, or training their sensitivity so they will recognize the “cloth sliding over the bones” feelings of Yin development, can wear any type of loose fitting clothing they choose. Even something like the sweat clothes shown in this picture.


Sweat clothes that are a size or two too big so they hang on the body will almost exactly mimic the feeling of the traditional clothing mentioned in the post.

Here is a picture of a statue of an ancient religious figure known as “Buddha”.

Isn’t the robe Buddha is wearing bunched up around his body the way loose fitting sweat clothing bunches up around the body?


  1. Your passages are rather interesting, but impossible to believe because there is no explanation or proof.

    1. I have to rely on the native intelligence of readers, and hope they can fill in the blanks
      that they feel they have encountered in any Happeh Theory material.

      Unless they ask questions of course. If I could provide material that would help a reader
      understand what they are reading, I will do that.

      They have to ask though.

      1. I love it and appreciate it. The world needs more people like you. It’s like this was written for me because most people are not on our level and would never understand unless maybe they experienced isolation from society and/or take psychedelics in combination with spiritual and/or anthropological studies like i used to. What i am saying is that this is not beginner information and some of it makes me think that it’s BS until the end of it and i really put it in perspective and i am blown away. This be next level shit yo.

        1. You think it requires isolation and drugs to learn about life?

          I could not disagree more.

          All it takes is desire, patience, study, and perhaps someone willing to
          provide pointers.

          People do need to be careful of the criminals out there who take advantage of
          those hoping to evolve to a higher state of being. There are many people who
          make promises of help and information in exchange for money. These people take the money
          and usually provide nothing more than the smiles and encouragement that most
          people give out for free to strangers they meet during the day.

          It is also extremely common for people presenting themselves as self help gurus
          to be sexual deviants and sexual predators. Every person I have meet who claims
          to be a helpful person or a teacher who can help a person rise to a higher
          state of being was a sex pervert who took advantage of the trust people gave
          them to obtain sex. Either from them, their spouse, their girlfriend
          or boyfriend, or a friend.

          If you can believe it, one of these guys actually said in class “My wife
          tells me to get off after 10 minutes and it is really frustrating”. Then
          he just stood there silently in front of a class of teenagers and people
          in their early 20’s.

          His game was to look pathetic so that one or more of those young men or
          women would offer to let him have sex with them since his wife was so
          mean and he was so sad and couldn’t get enough sex.

          Watch out for the sex pervs in the self help industry. They are everywhere.

  2. I have also “felt” that it is quite strange that the “higher” up you go in the “chain” or “level” within the corporate world, the more restrictive the clothing gets. Now that I am a college graduate and a teacher, I am required to always wear a shirt and tie which I feel is very restrictive. It feels like shackles to me. The next “level” in my profession requires a full suit and tie. Interesting thoughts Happeh…

  3. I dunno….why is it that big baggy jeans and sagging is the trend. According to your theory these types of clothes wouldn’t be promoted….but in fact they are.

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